Luxi County Festivals and Events

Luxi county is dominated by Han nationality and ethnic minorities make up 15.48% of the whole population. There are Han, Yi, Hui, Dai, Zhuang, Miao, 6 ethnic groups living in Luxi County for generations. Each ethnic group in Luxi County created its own festivals. Here below are some festivals in Luxi County.

1. Duanwu Festival of Zhuang Ethnic Minority端午节

In the first Pig day of the 6th lunar month, Zhuang people in Fayi village, Yongning township, Luxi county, celebrate the annual Duanwu festival or Zongzi festival. Different from the Dragon Boat Festival of Han nationality, Zhuang people celebrate the festival to pray for a good harvest, not to commemorate Qu Yuan. At this day, Zhuang people sing, dance and make rice dumpling to pray for a good harvest.

2. Mizhi Festival of Yi Ethnic Minority密枝节

From the first Rat day to Horse day in the 11th lunar month, lasting 7 days, traditional Mizhi festival is celebrated in Linshu village, Wujiepu town, Luxi county. Mizhi Festival is an important festival for Sani people, a Yi branch. Its main activities is worshiping ancestors and mountain god to pray for a good harvest and a peaceful life. Now, besides worship activities, there are also singing and dancing parties, torch bonfire entertainment and family games.

3. Potato Festival 

Every year, around May 1st, Luxi County hold the potato festival. In Yunnan, potato is called Yangyu(洋芋). During the festival, Tourists can taste and buy local specialties. At the same time, travelers can enjoy acrobatic performance, three-stringed performance, bonfire party and so on.

4. Plateau Pear Festival高原梨节

Luxi County is famous for its plateau pear of high quality. In 2017, Luxi county hold the first plateau pear festival, which attracted a lot of people. Activities include fruit comparison, pear picking, pear eating and peeling competitions.

5. The Torch Festival of Yi Ethnic Minority

It is the grandest festival of Yi people. Every year on the 24th day of the 6th lunar month, Yi villages are all to prepare a big feast and have a joyous gathering. At night, villagers light their torches and shout to march through the field. It means scaring away the devil and welcoming the harvest.

6. Guanyin Festival 观音会

In the 19th day of the 2nd lunar month, legend has it that it is the birthday of the Goddess of Mercy. In the past dynasties, local people had gone to Alu cave to offer the incense and make a wish. Today, it has become a traditional custom in Luxi county. Main activities are offering incense, worshiping, touring the Alu cave, tasting snacks, exhibiting and selling products, etc.

7. Water-splashing Festival of Dai Ethnic Minority

Every year, the Water-splashing Festival is counted by the Dai calendar. The specific time is roughly on April 14, 15 and 16 in the Solar calendar. It is blessed, happy and passionate festival to pray for washing away the past year’s bad things and welcoming the New Year.

8. Huashan Festival of Miao Ethnic Minority

Every year, the second day of Lunar January is the traditional festival of Miao people, Huashan Festival, also known as "Caihuashan". Flower pole is the significant symbol of the festival. On this day, Miao people wear traditional costume, perform Lusheng(芦笙表演) and choose the king of flower pole.

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