Jinping County

Jinping County Overview

Chinese Name: 金平县 English IPA: Jinping County Location: Southeast of Yunnan Province, South of Honghe Prefecture Population (city): 371,300 Language: Yunnan Dialect, Hani Language and Yi Language Zip code: Tel code: Time zone:

Jinpping Miao, Yao and Yi Autonomous County(金平苗族瑶族彝族自治县) is an autonomous county under the jurisdiction of Honghe Hani and Yi Autonomous Prefecture, Yunnan Province, China. Locted in the south of Honghe Prefecture, Jinping County borders Lvchun County to the west, Yuanyang County to the north, Laocai and Lai-chau of Vietnam to the south; neighbors Gejiu and Mengzi across the Honghe River in the north; And faces Hekou County across the Honghe River in the east. Its county seat is 7.5 kilometers away from border. There are 1 national port, Jinshuihe(金水河) Port, as well as 3 border trade points, Shili Village Hot Pool(十里村热水塘), the northwest of Maandi(马鞍底) and Jingshuihe Border.

Highlights of Jinping County

1. Hot Spring: Jinping County is famous for its hot springs. Mengla Hot Spring is the most popular one among local people. When taking a bath in the hot spring, you can not relax yourselves, but also enjoy the nature.

2. Ethnic Minorities: Miao, Yao, Dai, Hani, Yi, Han, Zhuang, Lahu and Bulang, nine ethnic groups live in Jinping for generations. Minority people are 87.4% of registered population. You can have a ethnic minority discovery tour here.

3. Natural Landscapes: Natural landscapes in Jinping County include Xilongshan Mountain(西隆山) Nature Reserve, Hani Rice Terraces, Fenshuiling(分水岭) National Nature Reserve, Ladeng(拉登) Waterfalls and Butterfly Valley, etc.

Other Destinations in Jinping County

    Jinping County Attractions

    Attractions in Jinping County include natural landscapes and hot springs. Tourists can not only enjoy the natural landscapes, including Hani Rice Terrace of Jinping County, Fenshuiling national nature reserve, Xilong Mountain nature reserve, Ladeng Waterfalls and butterfly valley, but also relax yourselves in Pu'er Hot Spring and Mengla Hot Spring. Otherwise, Jinping County is a minority autonomous county, in which minority population is 87.4% of registered population. Therefore, you can also discover ethnic minorities in traditional ethnic villages like Dingqing Village(顶青村) [...]

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    Jinping County Tours

    Jinping County tours are always related to two top destinations, Jianshui and Yuanyang. There are 9 ethnic groups living in Jinping County for generations. They are Miao, Yao, Dai, Hani, Yi, Han, Zhuang, Lahu and Bulan respectively. Among them, minority population is 87.4% of registered population. In addition, there are Hot Spring and nature reserve in Jinping County. And Jinping County borders Vietnam in the southeast. Therefore, our Jinping County tour packages are involved in ethnic culture, natural landscapes and border tour. [...]

    Climate & When to Go

    Climate & When to Go, Jinping County , China Climate & When to Go

    Jinping County lies on low-latitude plateau area in south Yunnan Province. It enjoys tropical monsoon climate with abundant rainfall and clear dry and wet season. Because of altitude difference and complex topography, the climate forms the feature of "ten miles has different weather". 1. Geographic Feature Yunlin mountain runs southwest, dividing into Ailao mountain and Wuliang Mountain. With Tengtiaojiang River(藤条江) as boundary, divides into Fenshuiling Mountian(分水岭) and Xilong Mountain. Therefore, Jinping county formed such geographic feature of "two mountains, two valleys and [...]

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    Transportation, Jinping County , China Transportation

    Until the end of December 2013, Jinping County has a total highway mileage of 4776.87 kilometers, including 206.37 kilometers of provincial road, 594.878 kilometers of county road, 704.5 kilometers of township road, 3091.65 kilometers of village road and 179.48 kilometers of exclusive road. Regular buses are available at 53 administrative villages along provincial road, county road and township road. How to Get in Jinping County You have three ways to get in Jinping County, long-distance bus, train and airplane. 1. By Long-distance Bus There [...]

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    Festivals and Activities

    There are 9 ethnic groups living in Jinping County for generations. They are Miao, Yao, Dai, Hani, Yi, Han, Zhuang, Lahu and Bulan respectively. Each ethnic group in Jinping County has its own festival. Among so many ethnic festivals, Men's Festival in Zhemi Lahu ethnic town is most hilarious. Here below are some festivals and activities in Jinping County. Festivals in Jinping County 1. Men's Festival男人节 Dai people, who live in Zhemi Lahu ethnic town, Jinping County, Yunnan province, still carry on this traditional festival———Men’s [...]

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    Travel Tips

    Jinping County travel tips provide some considerations when traveling in Jinping County, which can help you to prepare a trip. Useful Numbers Fire: 119 Police: 110 Ambulance: 120 Postal Code: 661500 Weather Forecast: 121 Area Code: 0873(+86) Consumer Complaint: 12315 Telephone Number Inquiry: 114 Tourist Complaint: 0873-5225136 Dressing and Sunscreen Jinping County enjoys tropical monsoon climate with abundant rainfall and clear dry and wet season. 1. During dry season(Nov. to April), on the one hand, you need to bring sunglasses, sun cream and sunhat to prevent the strong sunshine due to low latitude and clear weather; on the [...]

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    Useful Maps

    If we go to somewhere new, maps are good helper for us. To help you have a better understanding of Jinping County, we provide you different Jinping County maps including Jinping county transportation map, Jinping County region map, Jinping County location map and Jinping tourist attractions map, etc, through which you can probably know how to get to Jinping County and what to discover there. [...]

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    Jinping County Accommodation

    There are no luxury hotels in Jinping County, but hotels with right price. Otherwise, there aren't many hotels in Jinping County, so tourists can stay at the hotels which are in the surrounding counties, like Yuanyang County and Honghe County. Here are some hotels in Jinping County. Chinese Name English Name Address Telephone Number 金平正宜度假酒店 Zhengyi Resort Hotel Yongping Road, Jinhe Town, Jinping County金平县金河镇永平路 18213620112 金平金达宾馆 Jinda Hotel No.42, Guangjie Road, Jinhe Town, Jinping County金平县金河镇广街路42号 0873-5225666 金平莱恩公馆 Laien Mansion No.53, Huancheng North Road, Jinhe Town金河镇环城北路53号 0873-8893177 金平绿宝宾馆 Lvbao Hotel No.10, Huancheng North Road, Jinhe Town金平县环城北路10号 0873-8893099 金平西隆酒店 Xilong Hotel No.18, Huancheng South [...]

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