Luxi County Shopping

Luxi County shopping includes what local specialty you can buy and Where you can buy these specialties in Luxi County. If you travel around Luxi County, do not forget to buy some local specialties as souvenirs.

What to Buy in Luxi County

1. Plateau Pear高原梨

Luxi county Enjoys a temperate weather, you can eat fresh fruit there almost all the year round. Various kinds of fruits, like plateau pear, Nectarine, apricot, bayberry, watermelon, juicy peach and sweet orange, are not only rich in micro elements that our body need, but also they are pure green products. Among them, the most characteristic one is plateau pear with large size.

2. Luxi Buckwheat Series泸西荞系列

Luxi county is abundant in buckwheat, in particular, two mountainous townships, Santang township and Xiangyang township, are at most. Buckwheat is green food, which grows in mountainous area with no fertilizer and pesticide. It is divided into bitter buckwheat and sweet buckwheat, the most favored one is bitter buckwheat. Buckwheat is called "the King of Five Cereals" with high nutrition and quality.

3. Luxi Buckwheat Wine泸西荞酒

Luxi county is rich in buckwheat of high quality. Naturally, buckwheat wine of high quality is produced. Buckwheat wine is also popular in Luxi County.

4. Hand Embroidery

Yi's hand embroidery includes white Yi dress(白彝装), backpack and colorful clothes of Yi style(彝家背包和花褂褂), waistband of Yi(彝家花腰带) and so on. You will be surprised by exquisite hand-weaving and embroidery of Yi people. Wearing Yi costume and experiencing customs of the Yi people.

5. Fermented Soya Bean of Luxi Flavor泸西风味豆豉

Luxi flavor fermented soya bean is spicy and delicious, has a distinctive flavor.

Where to Buy in Luxi County

1. Luxi Lanyi Brewing Co., Ltd泸西兰益酿造有限公司

Operating Item: Buckwheat Wine

Address: No.12, Dongxin Road, Zhongshu Town, Luxi County泸西县中枢镇东新路12号

2. Fengda Trade Company Ltd丰达贸易有限公司

Operating Item: Luxi Local Specialties

Address: Jinhui Yayuan Phase I Shop, Luxi County泸西锦辉雅苑一期商铺

3. Luxi Leisure Shopping Square泸西休闲购物广场

Address: No.6, Jiuhua Road, Luxi County泸西县九华路6号

4. Jinzheng Shopping Mall金正商场

Address: Juece Village, Jinma Town, Luxi County泸西县金马镇爵册村

Tel: 15187315177

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