Lost and Stolen Passports, Visas, and Arrival/Departure in Yunnan

Lost and stolen passports, visas and arrival-departure in Yunnan can tell you what to do when you lose the important documents, such as the passports, visas and the related procedures for arrival or departure in Yunnan.

Passports are very important when you live in Yunnan. You don’t just need them to prove you are allowed in the country, you need them for many everyday things. Using a Chinese net bar, you have to show a passport. Getting a bus, train or plane ticket you need a passport. Going to the bank can require a passport, especially you want to withdraw some RMB from the teller.

Note: Yunnan Exploration reminds you of what to do when you find your passport, visa and arrival/departure lost and stolen. It is better to make the copies of the passport biographic page, Chinese visa and arrival/departure in advance.

Important Steps for Lost and Stolen Passports, Visas, etc.

Report Your Lost Passport Immediately

When you find your passport, visa, etc gone and confirm it was stolen, you should report your lost passport to the local authorities. If available, you shall provide the copies of the original documents. Filing a police report to confirm that your passport was stolen or lost. Then, you will receive a “Receipt of Report” from the local authorities.

Contact Your Embassy or Consulate Immediately

Contact the local embassy or consular section for the country of your citizenship for information about the procedure to replace a lost or stolen passport. Most countries have Internet web sites with contact information.

List of Embassies and Consulates in Kunming

  • Cambodian Consulate
    Add: 4th Floor, Kunming Guangfang Hotel, No 172, Xinying Road,Kunming, China
    Phone: +86-0871-3317320
    Fax: +86-0871-3316220
  • Consulate General of the Lao PDR
    Add: Room 3226 Camellia Hotel, No. 154 East Dongfeng Road Kunming, China
    Phone: +86-0871-317-6623 or 317-6624
    Fax: +86-0871-317-8556
  • Consulate General of Malaysia
    Add: 401-405, Sakura Hotel, 29, East Dongfeng Road, Kunming, Yunnan, China 650011
    Phone: +86-0871-3165088
    Fax: +86-0871-3113503
  • Consulate of the Union of Myanmar
    Add: 3rd Floor, Building No. 3 Camellia Hotel No. 96 East Dongfeng Road Kunming, China
    Phone: +86-0871-317 6609
    Fax: +86-0871-317 6309
  • Royal Thai Consulate-General
    Add: Kunming Hotel 1st Floor, South Building, East Dongfeng Road, Kunming, Yunnan Province 650051 China
    Phone: +86-0871-3168916, 314-9296
  • Consulate General of Vietnam
    Add: No. 507, Hongta Mansion, No. 155 Beijing Road, Kunming, China Zip Code: 65001
    Phone: +86-0871-3522669
    Fax: +86-0871-3516667

Take A New Passport Photo

It is necessary to take a new passport photo when you lose your passport, which can save some time for replacing your passport. You will need a recent color head shot taken in the last six months, and you must be facing the camera. It must be 2 inches wide and two inches tall. 

Complete the New Passport Application

When you need to apply for the new passport, you shall complete the necessary forms, such as State Confirming Your Lost or Stolen Passport. What’s more, when you go to the embassy to complete the related forms, you shall bring the necessary things as follows:

  • Some RMB for the Passport Replacement Fee
  • Proof of Identification, such as a driver’s license
  • Proof of your citizenship like a birth certificate or copy of your missing passport
  • Your Yunnan Travel Itinerary
  • Receipt Report issued by the local authority

Apply for a New Chinese Visa

According laws and regulations, foreigners shall have Chinese visas. So they can travel around in Yunnan. When you lost your passport and Chinese visa, you shall need to apply for a new Chinese Visa or residence permit from PSB and the Exit and Entry Administration Division

Wait for your Replacement Passport

It is quite frustrating and inconvenient. Do not worry when it happens. According to the normal procedures, apply for the new passport and Chinese visa. Once completed, you can wait for your new passport. When traveling in Yunnan, even China, it is very important to protect your important documents and keep safe.