Travel Tips of Self-driving to Jiangcheng County, Puer

Why Here?

1. One county connecting three countries

2. The Sachet-Throwing Festival of China, Laos and Vietnam

3. Ethnic Buildings of Dai Style in Zhengdong

4. Lixian River

5. Sanya (trivalve) fruit


Self- driving Map

1. Kunming-Yuxi(Highway):87 km, over 1 hour

2. Yuxi-Yuanjiang(Highway):128 km, 2 hours

3. Yuanjiang-Mojiang(Highway):50 km, 50 minutes

4. Mojiang-Jiangcheng:162 km, 4 hours


The route Kunming to Jiangcheng crosses through Yuxi, Yunjiang, and Mojiang. Total distance is 427km, takes 7.5 hours driving. Enter Kunming-Yuxi Highway at Shihuguan Exchange, take Kunming-Yuxi Highway, Yuxi-Yuanjiang Highway, Yuanjiang-Mojiang Highway, exit at Mojiang, then take Rd. S218 to Jiangcheng. 


Jiangcheng Hani&Yi Autonomours Prefecture locates in southern Yunnan, 430 km away from Kunming, over 8 hours driving, via Yuxi, Yuanjiang, and Mojiang. Jiangcheng is given the name for Lixian, Manlao, and Mengye river goes around. It’s the only county boarding with Laos and Vietnam in Yunnan. Here live many nationalities, with beautiful scenery, it’s a good place to experience folk customs and to appreciate the beauty.  


First Impression

Going up to top of the mountain of ten stores to experience the scene of three neighboring countries hear the same cock crowing, tour in Dai villages, fish from Tuka River, the second port between China and Laos.



Day 1: Jiangcheng-Zhengdong(56 km,1.5 hours)-Mengkang(34 km, 1 hour)-Jiangcheng(24 km, 40 minutes)    Day 2: Jiangcheng-Qushui(64 km, 2.5 hours)-Jiangcheng


Asphalt road covers Zhengdong but not in villages, nor along part of Lixian River, SUV is recommended. Only nine stores of the mountain of ten stores are available for vehicles, better for hikers.


Bueatiful Scene


Zhengdong means discovering a plain in Dai language. It’s one of the twelve plains in Xishuangbanna. Recommended attractions include Yiwanshui of Zhongdong, Dahebian Dai Village, Dahebian waterfall, springs, three villages of folk custom in Manhejing, Guhe tower of wells, Mantan Dai houses, and the forest of one single banyan. 


Mengkang port    

Mengkang port between China and Laos(the Pillar No.7): It locates in Kangping of Jiangcheng, Puer. It connects Laos and China as the second port between the two countries. Recommended attractions include Mengkang Springs, Mengkang Shiziya Scenic Spot(with the highest altitude of 2207m in Jiangcheng).


Lixian River

Lixian River is named after the village it runs by, it’s been a international trade channel.  Recommended attractions include Tuka fishing village, Tuka River drift, tropic rain forest in Lixian, Tuka Dam touring, Gelantan Dam touring.


The mountain of ten stores

The mountain of ten stores locates in Nuna of Qushui, Jiangcheng. It’s a peak in the joint of China, Vietnam and Laos with the altitude of 1864m, on top of the peak there is a pillar made of granite.


Cultural Experiences


Zhalete as the beginning of the lunar new year : The most important Hani festival is the “New Year in the Tenth Month”, it lasts for six days. According to their ancient calendar, the first dragon’s day in the tenth month marks the first day of a new year (equivalent to the New Year’s day of Han Nationality). On the New Year’s day, each village slaughters a pig. Regardless what size the pig is, it would be given out averagely by households, even if there are only a few heart, liver, lungs, intestines, stomach of the pig, they also had to be given to every household. In the afternoon, families offer pork and visceral to their ancestors.


Sachet-throwing Festival

During the carnival, there will be various events of sachet-throwing, bonfires, international buffalo body painting show, Tuan Long Ancient Feast over three countries, international commodity fair, and sports competition with national characteristics. All events are brilliant and full of unprecedented prosperity. 



Beef Salad

To mix ox loin and surrounding muscle baked in flame with cooked tripe miscellaneous, then to dress the prepared dish with ginger, garlic, spicy, peanut, and most important, the filtered boiled ox sausage water or bovine bile, thus the famous dish of carnivorous salad made by beef is done.


Jiangcheng Acid-ant

Acid-ant eggs and white larvae, after being boiled in boiling water, dressed with salt, pepper, coriander, leek, sesame in cold way, that would make a delicious dish.


Ribs in Palm Leaves

To wrap ribs with palm leaves with fragrant glutinous rice, then cook with the steamer.  


Jiangcheng Mild Rice

Mild rice and fragrant rice of Jiangcheng earned fame for variety and unique characteristics. Jian[FS:Page]gcheng mild rice, after being properly steamed, tastes soft and moist. There is a saying that one could have much of it without any side dishes, you won’t feel the compliment exaggerated if you try it yourself.


Aquatic Product

Jiangcheng obsesses plentiful aquatic products, such as Miangua fish, Long-beard fish, Snake fish, catfish, herring, Stick fish, Red-wing, pale cobitis, Horsehead fish, Bald-mouth fish, Short-nose fish, Leopard fish, Red-tail fish, soft-shelled turtle, shrimp, crab, snails. Those products obtain unique names and flavors.   



Jiangcheng in a boarding county, average consumption for meals is high,  specialties (such as river fish or acid-ants)cost 70-100 yuan, and need to be booked in advance. Home dishes cost 30-50 yuan.



Binghe Rd. in Jiangcheng. Recommended: Acid-ant, Popaya Chicken.   Tel:0879-3723166


Hani Household

Yingbing Hotel, Menglie Rd. in Jiangcheng. Recommended: Yolk Chicken, Kimchi Fish. Tel: 0879-3723231



Mancheng Business Hotel of Jiangcheng (3 Star Rated)                                          Address: #1 Vietnam Sector @International Trade Zone, Sanjiang Rd. in Jiangcheng Consumption: Starting at 175 yuan(breakfast, Wi-Fi) Tel: 0879-3831777 



Mild Rice of Jiangcheng

Mild rice and fragrant rice of Jiangcheng earned fame for variety and unique characteristics. Jiangcheng mild rice, after being properly steamed, tastes soft and moist. There is a saying that one could have much of it without any side dishes, you won’t feel the compliment exaggerated if you try it yourself. 

Rattan Craft

Jiangcheng is Yunnan’s specialty area of wild rattan, rattan production has a long history and many kinds. 

Dried Beef

Jiangcheng taste good due to it’s made of qualified cow raiesd in natural environment.


Sanya Fruit

Sanya (trivalve) fruit is a specific fruit product from Jiangcheng. The name of Sanya (trivalve) is given for each fruit’s flesh is born in three lobes with no exception. The flesh looks pink, wrapped in a layer of translucent thin cover, the flesh under the thin cover obtains soft waxy tasty, with a little sour and refreshing.




Longma Hotel,Maoxin Rd.  0879-3721677 

Yinfeng Hotel, Jiangcheng County, 0879-3726426 

Fulin Business Hotel,Maoxing Rd. 0879-3811888

Qingyuan Hotel, Uptown Jiangcheng, 0879-3726888

Xingjiang Hotel,Zhengdong, Jiangcheng, 0879-382199

Xindaxin Hotel, Jiangcheng County, 0879-3723138

Xinhong Hotel, Jiangcheng County

Jiaotong Hotel,Jiangcheng County, 0879-3726920


Auto Repairing Shops

Yinghe Repairing Shop,   Lianyi Rd. 0879-3726246

Shengping Auto Repairing, #35 West Menglie Rd. 13887974862