Tips for Group Tours

Tips for Group Tours, also known as Tips for Yunnan Group Tours, mainly tells you what is a group tour, the differences between private tours and group tours and top travel tips for Yunnan group tours, which can help you have a good travel experience in Yunnan.

What is a Group Tour

A group tour is designed for the people who are budget tourists and want to visit the highlights of Yunnan with other people. Compared with a private tour, a group tour is the tour with fixed dates, fixed price, well-planned itineraries and travel by van or small bus with the best drivers available. Of course, a group tour is cheaper than a private tour.

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Differences Between Group Tours and Private Tours

  • Difference on Price: A private tour is usually expensive and a group tour is cheap.
  • Difference on Tour Guides: A tour guide of a private tour who can communicate like a friend can provide the best travel experience and he/she will not bring you to shop. A tour guide of a group tour will not talk too much with one person. Generally, the tour guide will bring the tourists to shop.
  • Difference on Accommodation: The hotel of a private tour is generally a hand-picked 4 star 5 star hotel according to the level and decoration style. The hotel of a group tour is generally 3 star or below. And the position is not good, such as nearby airport, or somewhere is distant from the downtown. 
  • Difference on Dining: The restaurant of a private tour is the most distinctive local restaurant with distinctive taste, characteristic environment. The restaurant of a group tour is a fixed point team restaurant and the food is only for filling the stomach.
  • Difference on Itineraries: The itinerary of a private tour is free. However, the itinerary of a group tour is fixed.

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Top Tips for Yunnan Group Tours

Plan Your Travel in Advance

If you plan to travel with the group on holidays, it is recommended to make a travel plan in advance. Because, in the peak season, the prices are more expensive, and it is difficult to guarantee the quality of tourism. In the off-season, people are less and the prices are lower. Visitors need to arrange travel plans according to economic conditions and holiday arrangement. 

Choose the Suitable Travel Agency

The choice of travel agency can not only look at the price, but also consider its cost performance in many aspects, including the type of transportation (aircraft, car, boat, etc.), the level of accommodation, the standard of meals, and the route of travel. Yunnan Exploration can provide you the best group tour. If you have any problems, please contact us.

Have a Leader or two

If having one person as a leader in a group tour seems a bit much, you could also have different people in charge of different aspects of the group trip. For example, one person for accommodation, one for researching activities and things to do, etc. If a person in a group tour has any problems, he/she can contact with the leader.

Agree on a Budget

A maximum budget for trip necessities like accommodation will mean there are no surprises for anyone when it comes to paying for the group trip! Of course, some experiences can be optional, so group members can decide whether or not they want to participate, but make sure that’s clear too.

Pack Lightly

It is important to pack lightly for travel. From the time you arrive at your destination until the time you depart, you’ll likely be responsible for handling your own luggage. Therefore, please pack the necessary things. Trust us, when you’re the one doing all the heavy lifting, lighter is better.

Keep Patient during Yunnan Travel

In a group tour, you cannot go anywhere you want. Sometimes, you need to wait for others who walk slowly. No matter how large or small your group, there’s going to be someone or something that really tests your patience. In these situations, all you can do is learn to go with the flow. Know that traveling with a group will require a different mindset than traveling on your own. No matter how hard it might be, try not to let one person’s annoying behavior ruin your experience.

Get to Know Other Group Members

It will be one of the most important tips for group tours to get to know other group members. Whether you know them already or not, sharing a travel experience will definitely bring you closer together, which can make your Yunnan travel more happy and interesting. Even, you can make friends with other group members. Traveling can be a magical, and making the most of it with the people around you can turn out to be a once-in-a-lifetime experience.

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