Yunnan Train Travel Tips

Yunnan Train Travel Tips and Advice in Yunnan provide some practical Yunnan train travel tips such as Most Beautiful Train Stations in Yunnan, Most Popular Yunnan Train Tours, Top Destinations on Train Rail in Yunnan Province, Tips and FAQs of Yunnan Train Travel, which can help you make a better plan before departure, and deal with emergencies or anything unpredictable while traveling. 

Most Beautiful Train Stations in Yunnan

The transport infrastructure of Yunnan is served by numerous transport modes, and forms an integral part of the structure Yunnan Province and the Southwest of China. Yunnan is served by several civilian airports and a major highway and rail network. The province is served by a network of bus routes that radiates from the capital city, Kunming. Yunnan Province is large geographically and its transport hub is its capital, Kunming, which acts as an important gateway, linking China to Southeast Asia, South Asia and the Asia-Pacific region. Most travelers travel by flight or bus. However, railway and river travel is also possible. Train travel requires much more time than air travel. What’s more, the most beautiful train stations in Yunnan are as follows:

Notes: So far, there is no railway to Shangri-la. But the Lixiang(Lijiang- Shangri-la) railway is under construction and is expected to be operational by 2020. After the completion of Lixiang railway, it is expected to arrive from Kunming to Shangri-la within 4-6 hours.

Most Popular Yunnan Train Tours

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Main Railways in Yunnan

The first railway in Yunnan, the Kunming–Hanoi Railway(Sino-Vietnamese Railway), dates back to 1910. In 1941, American-supported construction began on the English Yunnan–Burma Railway, but this was aborted due to Japanese advances. The building of railways in Yunnan is difficult due to rugged terrain locally and in neighboring provinces. At present, railways in operation in Yunnan mainly include:

Top Destinations on Train Rail in Yunnan Province

In terms of top destinations on train rail in Yunnan, Kunming, Dali, Lijiang, Shangri-La, etc. are included along the train rail. With the opening of high speed train, it is very convenient to enjoy famous attractions along the train rail, such as Dianchi Lake, Erhai Lake, Lijiang Ancient Town, etc.

Top Yunnan Train Travel Tips

Buy Your Tickets in Advance

There are numerous destinations in Yunnan, such as “Spring city” Kunming, romantic Lijiang old town, the “Lost Horizon” Shangri-La, and the world’s deepest gorge “Tiger Leaping Gorge“, the magnificent Dongchuan Red Land, the amazing Honghe Hani Rice Terraces, the holy Kawa Kapo Kora and Jade Dragon Snow Mountain. What’s more, the numerous tourists choose to visit Yunnan all year round. Therefore, it is necessary to buy your tickets in advance. Pre-sale time of China railway tickets is now 60 days prior to departure on the official website of China Railway Corporation and through phone, and 58 days prior at railway stations and other outlets. 

Requirements on Buying Train Tickets

 As real-name policy and identity verification are adopted, one’s valid ID certificate like passport, Mainland Travel Permit for Hong Kong and Macau Residents, or Mainland Travel Permit for Taiwan Residents is required when booking, purchasing, or collecting a ticket.

How to Buy Tickets

Online Booking Agency

This is the most practical and convenient channel for foreign passengers who speak little Chinese. Also, there is no limitation of pre-sale time and they can make an order even months prior to departure once the travel plan is settled; the agency will handle the booking when available.

Yunnan Exploration offers train ticket booking service in English. Our professional booking operators are always ready to solve any problems you meet during your trip. We will make sure you enjoy a secure booking and payment. After issued, tickets will be delivered to your China addresses. If you prefer to collect the tickets at railway stations by yourself, we will provide step by step instructions on how to collect and related documents to aid you. If you have any problems, please contact us.

Railway Stations

Passengers can purchase at any railway station in Mainland China at most 60 days prior to departure. One problem is that only staff in metropolises like Beijing and Shanghai may speak English while most staff behind the window speaks only Chinese; another problem is that there may be long queues in the offices, especially during peak seasons.

What to Pack for Your Yunnan Train Travel Tips

  • Bring a blanket or sweatshirt. The temperature in the train is relatively slow.
  • Pack snacks. Some trains have dining cars, but not all of them have edible food or the food is astronomically expensive. You may also be able to buy snacks, but chances are they aren’t all that healthy, and the selection might be limited.
  • Easy-on shoes (slip-ons) and pack the sneakers/flip flops(for the shower, see above) slippers.
  • Ditty bag is used to pack a little bag with your shampoo, tooth brush, tooth paste for your daily life.
  • Suitable clothes according to Yunnan climate.
  • Common medicines for altitude high sickness

Safety Tips for Your Yunnan Train Travel

 Obey local laws and local customs

Yunnan may have the different laws from that of your country. It’s important to know that China has harsh penalties for people who possess or sell illegal drugs, and these rules and punishments apply to foreign citizens too. What’s more, Yunnan is a multi-ethnic place, please obey the local customs.

Protect Your Valuable Possessions

When you come to Yunnan, please take care of your valuables, especially the important documents. Do not leave your belongings unattended.

Remember the Important Phone Numbers

It is necessary to remember the important phone numbers, such as the phone number of your hotel. You can contact the hotel, if you leave something valuable in your hotel.

Ask for Help from Locals

If you are traveling on one of our tours, your guide and driver will accompany you and help you handle any hassles or difficult situations during the day. During your free time, your guide and travel specialist will be available 24/7 by phone or text and will be ready to help whenever you may need.

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