Shopping Tips in Yunnan

Shopping Tips in Yunnan provide some practical Yunnan travel tips such as What to Buy in Yunnan, Where to Buy in Yunnan, Top Shopping Tips in Yunnan and FAQs of Yunnan Travel, which can help you make a better plan before departure, and deal with emergencies or anything unpredictable while traveling.

What and Where to Buy in Yunnan


Yunnan Province, as the region that the tea plant originally comes from, has a wide variety of different varietals and cultivars, as well as a diverse tea culture that all combine to give very different results in different teas. At present, Puer Tea is the most famous product in Yunnan. However, there are some tea products that are worthy of your time and money. The other famous tea is as follows:

Chinese Medicines

Rich in medicinal plants and herbs, thanks to its varied climate and topography, a wide variety of locally manufactured traditional medicines are available. These include White Powder – a well-known Chinese patent medicine, apparently effective for invigorating the blood is circulation and treating inflammation. The famous medicines are as follows:

Interesting Handicrafts

The numerous minority groups in Yunnan have created lasting and splendid ethnic handicrafts due to their diligence and wisdom over centuries. There are some representative handicrafts as follows:

Yunnan Shopping by Region

The following content will provide the detailed information about the local products in every place in Yunnan and guide you where to buy and what to buy in every prefecture or city in Yunnan.

Top Shopping Tips in Yunnan

Tips on Yunnan Shopping Sites


The best places for you to shop in Kunming are as follows:


The best places for you to shop in Dali are as follows:


The best places for you to shop in Lijiang are as follows:

Polish Your Eyes

It is great to shop in Yunnan and you are able to buy some things at a cheap price. Please buy things from department stores, regular stores. You had better not buy expensive things in roadside markets. Of course, you can always find the interesting things in roadside markets.

How to Bargain in Yunnan

Bargaining is a national pastime in China so you will find that most retailers except for department stores, large shopping malls will be prepared to bargain. Prepare some small change for buying inexpensive stuff. There are some bargaining tips for you as follows:

  • Keep a Poker Face: Do not act like you absolutely must have the item.
  • Give a Lower Price: Keep this in mind when you throw out your first price.
  • Shop around: Walk around and see if other stands have it.
  • Come Back for More: If you know what you want, and you've gotten a certain price from that stand before, sometimes you can save time by just assertively saying that price from the get-go.

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