Yunnan Travel Insurance

Yunnan Travel Insurance mainly introduces What is Yunnan Travel Insurance, Yunnan Travel Insurance Coverage, How to Buy Yunnan Travel Insurance, etc., which gives you the safest Yunnan Travel.

More and more families are choosing to travel Yunnan during their vacations. Although visiting new places is rewarding and exciting, sometimes unexpected contingencies occur that put a damper on your visit. Thus, to minimize unplanned damage and loss, travel insurance offers a safeguard, providing immediate help as well as reimbursement or payment for mishaps that may occur during your visit.

What is Yunnan Travel Insurance

Yunnan Travel Insurance mainly includes Travel Agencies’ Liability Insurance, Health Insurance, Travel Accidents Insurance.

Travel Agencies’ Liability Insurance

In Yunnan, even China, most tour operators offer their clients Travel Agencies’ Liability Insurance. Travel Agencies’ Liability Insurance, issued by National Tourism Administration of China (CNTA) on May 15, 2001, the Travel Agencies’ Liability Insurance law was officially enacted on September 1st that year. Under this statute, every Chinese travel agency must provide their clients this insurance to guarantee the legitimate rights and interests of both the agency and its clients.

Travel Accidents Insurance

The definition of travel accident insurance refers to the insurance liability that the insurer should bear during the insurance period, due to accidents resulting in death or disability during the business trip or travel, or other protection items within the scope of protection.

Health Insurance

  • Even if you are fit and healthy, don’t travel without health insurance – accidents happen.
  • Declare any existing medical conditions you have (the insurance company will check if your problem is pre-existing and will not cover you if it is undeclared).
  • You may require extra cover for adventure activities such as rock climbing or skiing.
  • If you’re uninsured, emergency evacuation is expensive.
  • Ensure you keep all documentation related to any medical expenses you incur.

More about Yunnan Travel Insurance

Yunnan Travel Insurance Coverage

“Accidents” listed below which are caused by the travel agency may be compensated:

Visitors’ Casualty

  • Related expenses for medical treatment and related transportation fee
  • Expenses related to the visitors’ death and repatriating the body
  • Expenses that occur when the necessary aid has been provided to visitors, including the transportation fee, dining and lodging costs of relatives visiting; payment for the staff of the travel agency and doctors; fees for postponing the tourists itineraries

Loss, Damage, and Theft of Visitors’ Belongings

  • Legal costs incurred disputing the fault of travel agency
  • Other compensation agreed upon between the travel agency and the insurance company

Note: Since the Yunnan Travel Insurance will not cover any expenses related to accidents outside of the control of the agency, it is highly recommended that the visitor buy personal insurance in his or her home country prior to departure.

How to Buy Yunnan Travel Insurance

Outbound travel is affected by factors such as the distance of travel and the level of consumption. The demand for travel insurance varies from country to country. Visitors can apply for insurance according to their specific circumstances. In addition to basic outbound travel accident insurance, you need to pay attention to increase emergency rescue projects. Generally speaking, the first thing to consider in outbound travel is accidents, followed by the risk of theft, especially the passport, and finally the risk of suffering from diseases such as endemic, digestive disorders and so on.