Yunnan Travel Cost

How much money will you need in Yunnan? Yunnan Travel cost mainly introduces the fees you should need in Yunnan, including eating, accommodation, transportation.

Yunnan, located in the southwest plateau area of China, refers to “the place south of the colorful clouds” in Chinese. It is a place bond with exotic cultures and beautiful tales. Famous destinations in Yunnan includes: The “Spring city” Kunming, romantic Lijiang old town, the “Lost Horizon” Shangri-La, and the world’s deepest gorge “Tiger Leaping Gorge“, the magnificent Dongchuan Red Land, the amazing Honghe Hani Rice Terraces, the holy Kawa Kapo Kora and Jade Dragon Snow Mountain. Yunnan takes pride in its rich natural resources and cultural resources. There are 25 ethnic minority groups living in Yunnan, and each have very different religion and folklore stories. It’s rare to see so many different ethnic minority groups living harmoniously in one province. Harmonious and colorful are the most frequently used words to describe people’s life in Yunnan.

Accommodation Cost

Accommodation cost depends on your requirements. If you want to have a better accommodation experience, the 5-star hotels and 4-star hotels in Yunnan are your good choices. Of course, the price is not cheap. To some extent, it is expensive, which is generally 300-600 yuan/room/night. If you want to experience the traditional building, the guesthouse is your best choice, which is generally 100-200 yuan/room/night. Good accommodation at affordable prices is not hard to find in Yunnan. When you traveling in Lijiang and Dali, the hotels and guesthouses are more comfortable than other places in Yunnan.

Yunnan Accommodation by Region

Transportation Cost

Transportation cost is one of the great expenses in Yunnan and includes air ticket fee, train ticket fee and fees incurred in Yunnan travel. The transportation cost depends on your travel ways. In general, air ticket fee is more expensive than that of train. What’s more, the fee of international flights is expensive.

If you have any problems about transportation cost and want to make a budget Yunnan travel, Yunnan Exploration will provide the most suitable travel way and the cheapest travel way.

Yunnan Transportation by Region

Food Cost

In Yunnan, the food is not very expensive. If you have your meals in small restaurants, 100 yuan/person/meal will be enough. If you want to eat your meal in big restaurants, the price will be higher.

Yunnan Dining by Region

The following content will guide you where to eat and what to eat in every prefecture or city.

Entrance Fees and Excursions

The entrance fees to temples and parks in Yunnan are rather steep, so if you’re on a limited budget, you should plan and choose where to visit carefully. For example, the entrance to the Chongsheng Temple Dali is 121 yuan per person, the cable car to Glacier Park on the Jade Dragon Snow Mountain in Lijiang is 180 yuan per person, while the entrance to Black Dragon Pond Park in Lijiang is 60 yuan per person. If you want to know the entrance fee to the must-see attractions in Yunnan, please click the following content.

Must-see Attractions in Yunnan

Reputed as the “Colorful Yunnan” with both brilliant culture and profound history, you can enjoy the most unforgettable time during your Yunnan travel. Yunnan is an exotic, amazing and unforgettable place with high mountains, tropic forests, waterfalls, and distinct folk customs, which is an important and most attractive tourism destination. 

Yunnan Attractions by Region

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