7 Days XishuangBanna Cycling Tour with Ethnic Minorite Discovery and Ancient Tea Culture Experience

For this 7 Days Xishuangbanna Cycling Tour, you will ride along the beautiful natural scenaries of mysterious tropical rainforest, the highest tea mountain and the most famous ancient tea mountain of Xishuangbanna. Moreover, step into ethnic villages of Dai, Hani, Bulang and Lahu to fully explore their diverse ethnic cultures and daily lives. It is also a tour about tea exploration, hike along ancient tea plantations, pay a visit to ancient tea trees, drink tea with local tea grower and have nice chat with them to fully appreciate the tea culture.                    


  • Explore mysterious Tropical Forest and enchanted in the charm of nature.
  • Step into ethnic villages to explore ethnic people’s life and culture.
  • Cycling and hiking along the tea plantation to know more about tea.

Brief Itinerary

  • Day 1: Jinghong Arrival
  • Day 2: Jinghong – Zhanglang
  • Day 3: Zhanglang – Menghun
  • Day 4: Menghun – Mengsong
  • Day 5: Mengsong – Nannuo Tea Mountain
  • Day 6: Nannuo Tea Mountain Hiking
  • Day 7: Nannuo Tea Mountain – Jinghong Departure

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Detailed Itinerary

Day 1 Arrive in Jinghong City

Sightseeing and Activities: Arrive in Jinghong City
Accommodation: Jinhong 
Meals: None

Upon your arrival, your guide will meet you at arrival hall in the airport. Transfer to your hotel to check in and relax. In the afternoon, meet your tour guide to have a try of your bike. 

After that, you will enjoy your free time to explore the beautiful scenery and southeast-style night market of Gaozhuang Xishuangjing(name in Dai language means nine towers and twelve villages in Chinese), also known as small Chiangmai.

Day 2 Jinghong – Menghai -Mengzhe -Zhanglang Village

Sightseeing and Activities:Jinghong – Menghai -Mengzhe -Zhanglang Village
Accommodation: Zhanglang Bulang Dwellings
Meals: Breakfast and Lunch

Zhanglang Bulang Ethnic Minority Village,XishuangBanna

After breakfast, ride about 49KM to Menghai County(勐海), have your lunch there and have a short break then. After that, ride 22KM to Mengzhe Town(勐遮) and then 25KM to Zhanglang Bulang Ethnic Minority Village(章朗布朗古寨). You will stroll around the village and overnight in the village then.  Zhanglang Village is the only one Bulang ecologic museum in China. The Bulang people have been inhabitants of the area for thousands of years. Zhang is elephant, and Lang means frozen in Dai language. Zhanglang is the place of elephants getting frozen. It enjoys long history, over a thousand years. It also keep the traditional culture and historic relics completely. 

Cycling: 100KM/ Moderate Climbing Intensity/ 90KM Asphalt Road/ 4KM Cement Road/ 2KM Gravel Road

About: Idyllic Scenery/ Ethnic Villages of Dai and Bulang People

Day 3 Zhanglang Village – Menghun

Sightseeing and Activities:Zhanglang Village – Menghun
Accommodation: Menghun Commercial Hotel
Meals: Breakfast and Lunch

Wake up in the morning noise of villagers leaving for farm work, pigs grunting for food, roosters singing around, after simple breakfast, stroll around the village and then pay a visit to Bulang Ancient Temple(布朗族寺庙). After that, ride about 49KM to Menghun County(勐混). On the way, you will pass by several ethnic villages and choose a Hani Ethnic Village to stay for a while, afterwards, you will stay at the hotel of Menghun for night.

Cycling: 49KM/ Low Climbing Intensity/ 30KM Asphalt Road/ 17KM Cement Road/ 2KM Gravel Road

About: Idyllic Scenery/ Bulang Ancient Temple/ Ethnic Villages of Dai, Bulang and Hani People

Day 4 Menghun – Menghai -Mengsong

Sightseeing and Activities:Menghun – Menghai -Mengsong
Accommodation: Mengsong Hotel 
Meals: Breakfast and Lunch

After breakfast at the hotel, transfer to visit the local morning market to get a better understanding of daily lives and trade of local people. Then, ride about 20KM to Menghai County(勐海), have lunch and a short break there and then ride 30KM to Mengsong Town(勐宋), on the way, pay a visit to a local Dai Ethnic Village to experience the tradional papaer-making process of local people. Overnight at Mengsong hotel.    

Cycling: 50KM/ Low Climbing Intensity/ 40KM Asphalt Road/ 10KM Unsurfaced Road

About: Idyllic Scenery/ Menhun Morning Market/ Experience Traditional Paper-making/ Ethnic Villages of Dai

Day 5 Mengsong – Huazhu Liangzi Mountain Peak – Mengsong

Sightseeing and Activities:Mengsong – Huazhu Liangzi Mountain Peak – Mengsong
Accommodation: Mengsong Hotel
Meals: Breakfast and Lunch

The Ancient Tea Plantation in Huazhu Liangzi Mountain, XishuangBanna

Today, you will have a full-day tour to ride around Huazhu Liangzi Mountain. There are many ancient tea plantations and ethnic villages in the area. So, it will not only be a riding tour, but also a tea culture and ethnic culture tour. You will visit several tea plantations and ethnic villages along the way, have a cup of tea with local people and enjoy a nice chat with them. Afterwards, ride back to Mengsong(勐宋) for overnight.

Cycling: 69KM/ Moderate Climbing Intensity/ 69KM Asphalt Road 

About: Idyllic Scenery/ Huazhu Liangzi Mountain/ Ancient Tea Plantation/ Ethnic Villages of Hani and Lahu

Day 6 Mengsong – Nannuo Tea Mountain Hiking

Sightseeing and Activities:Mengsong – Nannuo Tea Mountain Hiking
Accommodation: Nannuo Hani Dwelings
Meals: Breakfast and Lunch

One Day Nannuo Mountain Tea Culture Tour in XishuangBanna

After breakfast at the hotel, ride 31KM to visit Nannuo Tea Mountain. After arriving at the Hani Ethnic Village, you will stroll around the village to have a look at the daily lives of local people. After lunch, you will enjoy a 5-hour hiking tour to visit the Ancient Tea Trees and Tea Plantation. Today, you will stay overnight in the Hani Village.

Cycling: 31KM/ Low Climbing Intensity/ 16KM Asphalt Road/ 15KM Cement Road

About: Idyllic Scenery/ Ancient Tea Trees and Tea Plantation/ 5KM Hiking Tour/ Ethnic Villages of Hani

Day 7 Nannuo Tea Mountain – Jinghong and Departure

Sightseeing and Activities:Nannuo Tea Mountain – Jinghong and Departure
Accommodation: None
Meals: Breakfast 

After breakfast, ride about 53KM back to Jinghong City. After a short break and luggage pack-up, transfer to the airport for departure. Service ends.

Cycling: 53KM/ Low Climbing Intensity/ All 53KM Downhill

About: Idyllic Scenery/ Luggage Pack-up/ Departure

Recommended Hotels

Destination 5 Star 4 Star 3 Star Hostels
Jinghong Jinhong Qixi Hotel Jinghong Ninty-Seven Daiyun Theme Hotel Fanyin Shuyuan Hotel Fanyin Shuyuan Hotel
Zhanglang Village / / / Zhanglang Bulang Dwellings
Menghun / / Menghun Commercial Hotel Menghun Guesthouse
Mengsong / / Mengsong Hotel Mengsong Gesthouse
Nannuo Tea Mountain / / / Nannuo Hani Dwelings

Service Included:

  • Admission fees for all of the sightseeing spots listed in the itinerary;
  • Meals as listed in the itinerary;
  • Accommodations as listed in the itinerary;
  • Private English-speaking tour guide;
  • Private vehicle for transfers & sightseeing with skilled driver;
  • Service charge & government taxes.

Service Excluded:

  • Any arrival and departure international airfares or train tickets;
  • Chinese visa fees;
  • Excess baggage charged by Airlines;
  • Single room supplement;
  • Tips to guides and drivers;
  • Personal expenses and gratuities to service staff;
  • Personal travel accident insurance;
  • All optional programs.

Travel Tips:

  • Visitors are advised to always carry changes of clothing due to the large variations in temperature between day and night.
  • The climate is relatively dry, so drink more water every day.
  • Protecting oneself from strong UV radiation at high altitude.
  • Protecting oneself from altitude sickness. Lessen the effects of altitude sickness, avoid strenuous exercise and have plenty of rest.
  • Respect local customs , habits, and religious beliefs.
  • Situated on the northern edge of the tropical zone, Xishuangbanna area is hot, humid and rainy.
  • Don’t forget to take an umbrella or a raincoat when go out.
  • When take photos, please pay attention to your safety, do not shoot in dangerous areas.