Ethnic Culture Travel Tips

To explore the most diverse ethnic minorities and know deeper about them, you’d better travel beyond the same ethnic region. It is good to go Southeast China like Yunnan with Yunnan Exploration, explore every aspect of the charming ethnic minorities at better price!

Yunnan Province has the largest number of ethnic minorities in China. It has 52 ethnic minorities among them 25 minorities with more than 5000 people. The ethnic minorities scatter around Yunnan and mix with the majority of Han people. Some ethnic groups lives in hilly areas, some lives in bustling city, and travelers could see them in the tourist destinations – Kunming, Dali, Lijiang, Shangri-La, Yuanyang and more places.

Every minority celebrate their own festivals in a unique way. It is worthy spending several days getting to the plateau, grasslands or ancient minority villages to join the friendly and smiling ethnic groups and enjoy the festivals together. Importantly, it is good to come for the famous and unique ethnic festivals. During the festivals, you’ll experience more than featured activities offered by the ethnic people, but the soul of a minority!

No matter you travel to the plateau, rice terraces, grasslands or ancient rural villages, you’re bound to explore the minorities’ traditional architecture and customs, colorful costumes, various sports and performances, exotic handicrafts, delicious food, etc.