How to Plan a Family Tour in Yunnan

Travelling with the family is an adventure unlike any other, in all sorts of ways. Traveling together, spending real quality time with each other as you discover new places can be truly rewarding. Kids often have wildly different needs than adults, which is why we can adapt our itineraries for tourists who travel with Children. Our family tour can provide tourists with age-appropriate activities and hotels with amenities designed for families. Compared with hiking and adventure, our family tour is mainly culture experience and sightseeing, in particular for tourists with children(very young). Here below are several recommended family tours.

Choose Destinations for Your Family Tour

Yunnan is an ideal destination for your Family Travel, since there are a great many places in Yunnan, where you can experience the ethnic culture, immerse yourself in the excellent natural scenery and learn the making of traditional handicrafts. The places like Kunming, Dali, Lijiang, Jianshui, Yuanyang, Jinghong and Shilin are usually included in the family tour, you can choose one or several of them to plan your family tour. You can do some activities like Bonfire Party at our Baisha Holiday Resort in Lijiang, learn the Dongba Characters and embroidery at Baisha Jinxiu Art Academy, and learn Bai’s Tie-dye in Zhoucheng Dali, etc.

Choose an Itinerary

1. Jinghong-Mengla-Jinghong-MenglaYiwu Tea Mountain-Jinghong

This tour covers the knowledge of tropical forest and tea culture a lot. It is a good choice for children get close to nature.

What to Do in This Tour

  • Learn the knowledge of elephants’ public welfare and watch the elephant show at Asian Elephant Museum.
  • Step into the Manzhang Dai Ethnic Village to experience the Dai culture.
  • Experience the beautiful and magic tropical forest through boat and air-corridor.
  • Learn jungle survival skills.
  • Visit Guangmangshan Ancient Tea Mountain, then experience tea-picking and learn the process of tea-making.

7 Days Yunnan Family Tour and Student Education with Xishuangbanna Tropical Forest Adventure and Minorities Discovery

2. Kunming-AnningJianshuiShilin-Nuohei-Kunming

For those who are interested in Chinese culture, especially interested in Yunnan culture, this family tour will help you to learn more about Yunnan ethnic culture and daily life of local people.

What to Do in This Tour

  • Visit the Yunnan Ethnic Village to learn the ethnic culture of Yunnan’s 25 minorities.
  • Pick the fresh rose personally and make rose jam and flower cake at Anning Bajie Rose Garden.
  • Visit the main attractions of Jianshui, Like Jianshui Ancient Town, Zhu Family Garden, The Ancient Well and Tuanshan Village
  • Learn how to make Tofu as well as taste fresh soybean milk at Jianshui Tofu Workshop.
  • Take part in the First Writing Ceremony at the Jianshui Confucian temple.
  • visit School Administration Test Shed of Jianshui Ancient School
  • Visit the Historical and cultural museum of Nuohei village in Shilin.
  • Have the special dinner made by parents and children.

7 Days Yunnan Students Education and Family Tour with Ethnic Culture Experience

3. Jinghong-MenglunPu’erMojiang-Kunming

This tour will be a good experience of Kunming, Xishuangbanna and Pu’er culture. 

What to Do in This Tour

  • Learn more about plants and animals in the Botanical Garden.
  • Step into Local Ethnic Villages like Aini Village and Dai Ethnic Village to meet the diverse ethnic cultures.
  • Visit the Pu’er Tea Culture Museum to know more about Pu’er Tea and the highlight of Mojiang County – the Sun Square.
  • Stroll around the Ancient Tea Horse Road and Wind-Rain Bridge in the Bixi Ancient Town.
  • Pay a visit to Dounan Flowers Market in Kunming, the largest fresh flower trading market in China. 

7 Days Kunming, XishuangBanna and Puer Family Tour with Tropical Forest and Ethnic Culture Discovery

4. Kunming-Yuxi-Jianshui-Gejiu-Yuanyang-Maandi Town-Mengzi-Shilin-Kunming

This is a 10 days family tour, you will experience a lot during the tour. The parent-child relationship could be improved by this special tour.

What to Do in This Tour

  • Visit the “first wonder of the world” – the Stone Forest in Shilin, Kunming.
  • Meet the profound history of Jianshui at Jianshui Old Town
  • Find diverse ethnic cultures in local villages, such as Pugao Laozhai VillageAbang Village and Nuohei Village.
  • Step into Yuanyang Rice Terraces to feel the true charm of nature.
  • Take part in the Dragon Worship (Jilong) Festival of Huayaoyi Ethnic People at Mushan Village and taste the Yi flavor dishes. 
  • pay a visit to Gejiu Tin Culture Creative Industry Park.
  • Do various activities at Butterfly Valley of Maandi Town, including Charity class, Flora and Fauna Class, Butterfly Exhibition Hall and Leaf Feast of Yao, etc.
  • Pay a visit to Dounan Flowers Market in Kunming, the largest fresh flower trading market in China, and enjoy the flower feast. 
  • More activities like Picking mushrooms, Feeding livestock, Shiping Tofu Feast, Ceremony of coming age of children and the like

10 Days Southeast Yunnan Family Tour with Ethnic Culture, Rice Terraces, Mushroom House & Butterfly Valley

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We don’t have many family tours, but our attentive consultants will arrange the tour packages you choose or customize a tour according to your specific requirements and circumstances. You can choose other destinations like Dali, Lijiang, Shangri-la, Chuxiong, we will try to meet your needs. Please contact us YunnanExploration by Email: or Telephone: +86-871-63511469

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