Hualuo Ethnic People

Hualuo people(花倮人), a minority ethnic group, is a branch of Yi minority, mainly distributed in Guangnan and Xichou counties of Wenshan prefecture, Yunnan province. There are Bailuo people(白倮人) and Hualuo people living in Malipo county, Hualuo people live in Mabeng village(马崩), Yongli village(永利) and Zhewa village(者瓦) of Donggan town. According to historical records, the Hualuo people originated from the nomadic people who came down from the northwest plateau. The thing they worship most is buckwheat. The Hualuo people were identified as the Yi people in 1958, have their own language but no written language. For thousands of years, they have inherited the culture, customs and spirit of the Bailuo people by using their colorful and unique dances, such as Hulusheng dance(葫芦笙舞), Xianzi dance and Naosang dance(闹丧舞). Coupled with mysterious and beautiful fairy tales, all of these make the culture, custom and spirit of Bailuo people pass down to now. The language and living habits of Bailuo people are well-preserved, original and unique.

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Hualuo Villages

Festival of Hualuo Ethnic People

Legend has it that the Hualuo people were rescued by fish in the 4th lunar calendar, buckwheat is also cultivated in the 4th lunar calendar. So they took the 4th or 14th day of the 4th lunar calendar as the most solemn festival, which is called buckwheat festival.

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