Yuxi Overview

Chinese Name: 玉溪 English IPA: Yu Xi Location: Central Yunnan Population (city): 2,300,000 Language: Yuxi Dialect Zip code: 653100 Tel code: 0877 Time zone: (UTC+8)

Yuxi sits in the center of Yunnan province, with Kunming to its North, Pu’er at its west, Honghe to the southeast and Chuxiong to the northwest. Yuxi city covers an area of 15,300 square meters and its largest administrative center is Hongta District. Not far from Yuxi city is Fuxian Lake, which is the second-deepest lake in China. Yuxi is rich in crops and tobacco leaves, hence its honor ‘Barn of Middle Yunnan Province’ and ‘Hometown of Yunnan Tobacco’. The area also has beautiful natural sceneries and colorful cultures. Various festivals, dances, musics and folk cultures of different ethnic minority groups should not be missed when traveling here.

Highlights of Yuxi

  • Scenic Spots: Enjoying the gifts of nature and human wisdom, there are many favorable attractions like Fuxianhu Lake, the hometown of hot spring, Huaning, primary forests in Xinping, Yuanjiang River, the hometown of wild edible mushroom, Yimen and drifting in Jinsanxia Scenic Area.
  • Colorful Cultures: There are Confucian culture in Tonghai, ethnic culture of Mongolian in Yunnan province, Muslim culture and Yi ethnic groups in Hongda, and ethnic culture of Huayaodai in Xinping and red culture in Yimen.
  • Yuxi Style Tours: Yuxi is a wonderful place to have a Tobacco Tour in Hongta, Fossil Site Tour and Guansuo Opera tour in Chengjiang, and Bronze Ware Tour in Jiangchuan, Tea Tour in Xinping and Eshan, Manor tour in Xinping, Muslim Tour in Tonghai, and Terraces and Cliff Painting Tour in Yuanjiang.

Other Destinations in Yuxi

Yuxi Attractions

There are some attractions in Yuxi City for people to visit, including Fuxian Lake, Longma Karst Cave in Xiaoshiqiao Yi Nationality Township or Gaoxiang Organic Tea Plantations, the hometown of hot spring, Huaning, primary forests in Xinping, Yuanjiang River, the hometown of wild edible mushroom, Yimen and Jinsanxia Scenic Area. Top Attractions in Yuxi Visitors to Yuxi Yunnan shouldn't miss the famous atrractions in Yuxi, such as Fuxian Lake, Ailaoshan Mountain, Longxi Li Clan Manor [...]

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Yuxi Tours

Yuxi Tours offer you wide range of choice when you traveling Yuxi. There are 6 Days Porsche Driving Experience Tour in South Yunnan and 8 Days South Yunnan Ethnic Minority Discovery and Tropical Forest Photograph Tour, tourists will be guided to the Fuxianhu Lake, the hometown of hot spring, Huaning, primary forests in Xinping, Yuanjiang River, the hometown of wild edible mushroom, Yimen and drifting in Jinsanxia Scenic Area. Yuxi is a wonderful place to have [...]

Climate & When to Go

Climate & When to Go, Yuxi , China Climate & When to Go

Yuxi enjoys a mild subtropical highland climate. Located in plateau area of low altitude, Yuxi City also belongs to subtropical monsoon climate. Its climate changes along with the complex topography and air current condition, featured by dry spring and winter, and rainy summer and autumn. Yuxi Climate & Weather Tempered by the low latitude and moderate elevation, Yuxi has a mild subtropical highland climate, with short, mild, dry winters, and warm, rainy summers. Frost may occur in winter but the days still generally warm [...]

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Transportation, Yuxi , China Transportation

Yuxi Transportation mainly rely on trains and buses, without airlines. It is only one hour's drive away from Kunming, and is very convenient to get to Yuxi from Kunming. How to Get in Yuxi City By Air There are no through flights to Yuxi. However, there is the general agency of China Airline Company in Yuxi. There you can buy air tickets, return air tickets and inquire about anything about air tickets. You can get to Kunming first by air, and then go [...]

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Festivals and Activities

Yuxi festivals and events present diverse ethnic culture and specific local theme culture. Yuxi is the birth place of ancient Dian culture where there is Paleontological fossil coenosis in Chengjiang. Many minorities inhabited there long time ago, such as Yi, Hani, Dai, Hui, Bai, etc. Those people co-create a splendid culture of Yuxi. There are also various festivals of ethnic groups which will help you to understand Yuxi better. Festivals and Activities in Yuxi Beside the nation-wide festivals like Spring Festival and Dragon Boat Festival, there are [...]

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Travel Tips

This page tells you some Yuxi travel tips. When plan your trip to Yuxi, view our answers to questions about Yuxi travel to get better understanding of Yuxi City. Useful Numbers Phone Dialing Code 0877 Fire 0877119 Police 0877-110 Ambulance 0877-120 Weather Forecast 0877-121 Tourist complaint 0877-96927 Yuxi Tourism Bureau 0876-2067406 Yuxi Security Bureau 0876-2022571 Yuxi Road Transport Bureau 0876-2034844 Yuxi Food and Drug Administration 0876-2033936  Best Time to Visit Yuxi Yuxi has spring-like seasons, moderate temperatures in summer and autumn. The pleasant climate is suitable for traveling, especially in May and June, the temple fair in Gushan of Yuxi and the Copper Pot Food [...]

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Useful Maps

If you want to visit Yuxi city, you can look these Yuxi maps to help you find it. Here are some maps, "Tourist Attractions Map of Yuxi City" and "How to Get to Yuxi City from Kunming", "Transportation Map in Yuxi City", "Region Map of Yuxi City ", "Location Map of Yuxi City ". [...]

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Yuxi Accommodation

Yuxi accommodation provide you  favorable hotels, with high-quality facilities and complete services. You will have a good stay here. Here are some recommended hotels in Yuxi for your choice. Recommended Hotels in Yuxi The Best Luxury 5-star Hotels in Yuxi Hilton Yuxi Fuxian Lake (抚仙湖希尔顿酒店) Address:No.99 Fenghuang Road, Wenshan City, Wenshan 澄江 环湖东路10号 Tel: 0877-6688888 Ramada Plaza Fuxian Lake (抚仙湖华美达广场酒店 ) Address:No.99 Fenghuang Road, Wenshan City, Wenshan 澄江 仙湖路29号 Tel: 0877- 6686999 More about The Best Luxury 5-star Hotels in Yuxi The Best Comfortable [...]

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