Limi Ethnic People

Limi ethnic poeple is a mysterious ancient ethnic groups, they live in the deep mountains and belong to the branch of Yi minority. Most of them live in Yongde county of Lincang city like Wumulong Yi Ethnic Town, Yalian Township and Daxueshan Township, and a few in other areas. Limi people living in the mountain for a long time have mild and implicit character, which has created the unique charm. They still retain the old way of production and life, passing on intact singing and dancing, sacrifice, clothing, diet and other traditional folk customs of Limi ethnic people.

History of Limi Ethnic People

According to legend, the original Limi people migrated from Jinggu and Jingdong areas. Because of wet living ground, their houses were generally at least 1 meter higher from the ground. Therefore, Limi people were once known as the “Lidi People(离地人)”, later renamed as Limi ethnic people. After the founding of new China, Limi ethnic people was included in Yi ethnic minority, as a special branch of Yi. It is mainly distributed in Wumulong of Yongde. In addition, there are Limi people distributed in Guodazhai and Yingpan Town of Fengqing County, as well as Xingfu of Yunxian county


Limi ethnic people worship nature, believe that all things have spirit, think the world has the invisible power, affecting the human activities and dominating the happiness and health of people. All kinds of sacrificial ceremony expressed Limi people’s piety and yearning for a happy life.

Costume of Limi Ethnic People

Limi people keep the traditional handicraft of handmade clothes, the clothes are of their own weaving, dyeing and sewing. Especially the dowry production is more unique, the color is mainly black, full of many fantasy and mysterious color.