National Wetland Park of Honghe Hani Rice Terraces

About National Wetland Park of Honghe Hani Rice Terraces

China’s State Forestry Administration officially awarded a title of National Wetland Park to Honghe Hani Terrace together with other 31 wetland parks in China, according to a conference that was held in Shandong province. Honghe Hani Terrace, covering an area of 13,011.57 hectares, spans 4 counties in Honghe prefecture. The 4 counties contain Yuanyang(元阳), Honghe(红河), Lvchun(绿春), and Jinping(金平). 

The Hani terrace, which has been ploughed for over 1,300 years, is a large granary continuously providing rice and aquatic products for local people. The terrace exerted important wetland functions in the locality. It helps to adjust climates, conserve water and land, prevent landslide, and maintain diversities of animals and plants.

The terrace, having created agricultural ecological wonders for thousand years, will be elaborately managed in a level of National Wetland Park.

Human Landscape

Hani, Yi, Miao, Yao, Dai, Lahu, Buyi and Han ethnic groups live in the Hani terrace reserve. The Hani population accounts for more than half of the total population. The territory of the harmony of all nationalities live together. The Hani terrace is vast and magnificent, with spring ploughing and autumn harvest.The cultural anthropologist praised the combination of national culture and natural ecology as the model of ingenious combination of national culture and natural ecology.

How to Get there? 

National Wetland Park of Honghe Hani Rice Terraces is located in the south bank of Honghe River. Tourists should go Yuanyang County first. There are three main modes of transportation to Yuanyang County from Kunming: long-distance bus, train and self-driving. When you arrive at Yuanyang County, you can take bus No.85, 124, 12, 84, 117, 95 or self-driving to National Wetland Park.

Travel Tips

1. Telephone number of National Wetland Park scenic spot is 0873-5620163.

2. Best time to visit: January-February. Winter is the most beautiful. Winter is the small peak season to visit terraces in Yuanyang, but even in winter, the average temperature can reach 12 degrees. In winter, the sunrise and sunset of the terrace in Yuanyang are beautiful, and the fairyland created by the sea of clouds is even more compelling.