Zhuang Ethnic Minority

The Zhuang Ethnic Minority in Yunnan mainly live in Wenshan  Zhuang and Miao Autonomous Prefecture. They regard the bronze drum as their national symbol and Liu Sanjie as their ancestor of song. Their clothes are mainly black and most of them are decorated with Zhuang brocade. Zhuang people have made more than 50 kinds of unique musical instruments, most featured of which are horse bone Hu and Hehuan Xiao. On March 3rd, Ganhuajie(赶花街) is the biggest festival of Zhuang Nationality in Yunnan Province.

History of Zhuang Ethnic Minority in Yunnan

Zhuang is a minority with a long history and splendid culture. It is generally acknowledged in modern ethnology and history that the Zhuang nationality was developed from a group of Yue people(越人) in ancient China. Lingnan area has been inhabited by human beings since ancient times. In the pre-Qin period, the Zhuang nationality belonged to Luoyue(骆越) and Xi’ou(西瓯) of Baiyue(百越). These areas where the ancient human beings lived happened to be the active areas of the ancestors of Zhuang nationality, and also the areas where the Zhuang nationality now live. After 1949, after in-depth investigation and ethnic identification, the Tong Minority were established. Later, because the meaning of the word “Tong” was not clear enough, and it was easy to read the wrong sound, in 1965, the word “Tong” was changed to “Zhuang”. On April 1, 1958, the Wenshan Zhuang and Miao Autonomous Prefecture of Yunnan was established.

Distribution of Zhuang Ethnic Minority in Yunnan

Zhuang is the most populous ethnic group in China, among which there are more than 1 million people in Yunnan, mainly living in Wenshan Prefecture, Honghe prefecture and Qujing city

Zhuang Ethnic Townships in Yunnan

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Protection Area of Zhuang Ethnic Culture

Zhetai Village Zhuang Ethnic Culture Protection Area in Guangnan County, Wenshan

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