Dali Overview

Chinese Name: 大理白族自治州 English IPA: Da Li Location: Central Yunnan Population (city): 3,456,000 Language: Bai Language Zip code: 671000 Tel code: 0872 Time zone: UTC+8

Dali Ancient Town

Dali Bai Autonomous Prefecture is located in the central western part of Yunnan Province. Enjoying long history, Dali is one of the earliest cradle of Yunnan culture and has created glorious Dali Kingdom. In this land, Cangshan Mountain, Erhai Lake, Dali Ancient Town and Three Pagodas of Chongsheng Temple are the representative scenic spots. As the natives of Dali Prefecture, Bai ethnic minority has its unique and charming culture, custom, architecture and festivals, which attracted numerous tourists to visit.

Highlights of Dali

  • Paradise for Visitors: The attractions of Dali are numerous, including the natural sceneries and human sceneries. The vigorous Cangshan Mountain, the Erhai Lake-bright and beautiful as a mirror, Dali Ancient Town are constituted an aesthetic picture. Do not worry things to do in Dali because the gorgeous sceneries can be seen in every place of Dali.
  • Colorful Ethnic Culture: As a prominent ethnic minority who has created Nanzhao Kingdom in Yunnan history, Bai nationality boasts splendid culture, custom and architecture style. Walking around Dali, you will witness the magical power and charm of Bai people with your own eyes.
  • Casual and Leisure Lifestyle: The “New Dali people” eventually stay here, because of the scenery and climate, but also the people here. Dali is the “Utopia” in the real world. The image of pastoral in various romantic descriptions and reported by the media is essentially a true portrayal of life.
  • An Important Stop of Ancient Tea Horse Road: As a trade station on the Tea and Horse Caravan Route, Shaxi Old Town and Yunnanyi Ancient Town are the true ancient towns that retain the most original architectural style.

Other Destinations in Dali

Dali Attractions

When you come to Dali, do not worry what to do in Dali. Dali Attractions are abundant and are full of all kinds, including all kinds of natural sceneries, human sceneries and all kinds of villages where you can experience the rich ethnic culture. The scenery of Dali is a picture of “Wind, Flower, Snow, Moon”. You can go boating in Erhai Lake and feel the boundless of the heaven and earth; visit the holy land of Jizu [...]

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Dali Tours

Dali Tours are always connected with other top destinations in Yunnan, like Kunming, Lijiang, Shangri-la. It is a place with profound history and numerous attractions. The beautiful sceneries, such as the expansive Erhai Lake, vigorous Cangshan Mountain, Dali Ancient Town, various traditions and the culture of minority nationalities make Dali a well-known place of interest. What's more, we provides tour packages in various tour themes, including Dali Highlights Tour, Dali Golf Tour, Dali City [...]

Climate & When to Go

Climate & When to Go, Dali , China Climate & When to Go

Dali Climate is low latitude plateau monsoon climate, which is characterized by small temperature difference between four seasons. Dali, known as the "Oriental Switzerland", has around 126 days in the year at the temperature of 18-21℃, which is the most appropriate temperature for a holiday. In addition, it enjoys abundant sunshine, which is most popular during the winter due to its high altitude. Dali Weather & Climate describes information with Dali Climate Graph, Dali Climate Data, What to Wear in every [...]

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Transportation, Dali , China Transportation

Dali Transportation is very convenient due to the advantageous location-the junction of the Yunnan Burma Highway(320 National Highway) and the Yunnan-Tibet Highway (214 National Highway). It is located in the west of central Yunnan Province, with an altitude of 2,090 meters. It is adjacent to Chuxiong Prefecture in the east, Pu'er City and Lincang City in the south, Baoshan City and Nujiang Prefecture in the west, and Lijiang City in the north. How to Get [...]

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Festivals and Activities

Dali Festivals and Activities are very colorful and Dali is the best place to take a festival tour. There are 13 ethnic groups in Dali Bai Autonomous Prefecture, namely, Han, Bai, Yi, Hui, Lisu, Miao, Naxi, Zhuang, Tibetan, Blang, Lahu, Achang, Dai and other ethnic groups. This part gives a brief [...]

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Travel Tips

When you go to a new place, some useful information can make your journey more convenient and save your time. Yunnan Exploration provides the detailed information about Dali Travel Tips, which make your Dali Travel more convenient and interesting. Useful Numbers Fire: 119 Police: 110 Traffic: 122 Ambulance: 120 Area Code: 0872 Zip Code: 671000 Weather Forecast: 121 [...]

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Useful Maps

Dali Maps in English include Maps List of Dali Tourist Attractions, Maps of Dali Tours, Maps of Transportation. It shows the specific location maps of main roads, transportation, railway, stations, bus stations, expressway, administrative division, famous tourist attractions, travel & tours, banks and hospitals. Refer to the following content, you can always find the maps you want, which can help you better understand Dali and plan your Dali Tour reasonably. Dali Transportation Maps Dali Tourist Attractions Maps [images_gallery [...]

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Dali Accommodation

Dali Accommodation will solve the problem-where to stay in Dali. Dali Accommodation and Hotels Booking introduces the recommended 5-star luxury hotels, comfortable, economic and cheap hostels in Dali. As a tourist resort, you can always find the most suitable hotel for you in Dali. The Recommended Hotels in Dali The 5-star Hotels in Dali The One Resort(古城一号院) Add: No. 9 Boai Road, Dali Ancient Town(古城博爱路9号) Tel: / Gurong Hotel (大理古榕会馆) Add: No. 59 Boai Road, Dali Ancient Town, Dali City (大理市 大理古城博爱路59号) Tel: 13608725554 Dali Haiwan International [...]

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