How to Plan Yunnan Cycling Tour

Our Yunnan cycling tour is designed for those who are avid fans of cycling and want a real challenge. Yunnan is famous for its beautiful scenery, the culture, the people, the food and more. Yunnan, bordering Tibet, Myanmar and Laos, attracts a lot of cyclists to see the real China. Our Yunnan cycling tour packages range from 1-35 days, and offer an entirely different way to experience the amazing scenery and diverse culture of Yunnan.

Tengchong and Yingjiang Cycling Tour-13
Tengchong and Yingjiang Cycling Tour-13

Make Your Travel Destination Sure

Yunnan cycling tours are available in Kunming, Dali, Lijiang, Shangri-la, Xishuangbanna and other places. You can spend one day cycling around several scenic spots during your Yunnan travel or combine several destinations to plan a long cycling tour. The short cycling tours make you enjoy the leisure time fully during travelling, and you can also challenge yourself by choosing a long cycling tour, through which you will see more sceneries and get more satisfaction. Besides, because Yunnan borders Myanmar, Laos and Vietnam, border cycling tours that combine Yunnan with these three countries are popular among cycling enthusiasts.

Cycling Tours in Different Places

Kunming Cycling Tour

In Kunming, it will be enjoyable to spend one day on cycling around Dianchi Lake. With picturesque scenery and its location on the Yungui Plateau, Dianchi lake has a reputation as “A Pearl on the Plateau“. When cycling around the lake, you will visit some surrounding wetland parks and ethnic villages, as well as enjoy the wonderful scenery of Dianchi lake.

1 Day Kunming Cycling Tour Around Dianchi Lake

Dali Cycling Tour

Erhai Lake (Ear-shaped Sea), known as “Pearl of Plateau”, is the second largest highland lake of Yunnan. It enjoys the charming scenery. During sunny days, the crystal waters of Erhai Lake and the snow mantled Cangshan Mount radiate with each other. At this time, cycling around the lake is one of the fantastic ways to explore “Silver Cangshan Mountain and Jade Erhai Lake” scenery. It is worth to spend two days sightseeing around Erhai Lake, experience the ethnic culture of Dali while enjoying the beautiful scenery of Erhai Lake.

2 Days Dali Cycling Tour around Erhai Lake

Lijiang Cycling Tour

It will be a enjoyable experience to spend a day going cycling in Lijiang. There are two main cycling routes, one is from Lijiang Ancient Town to Yuhu Village, along the way, you will pass through ethnic villages, grasslands, meadows, flowers sea, rivers and lakes to enjoy the high mountain scenery and discover ethnic cultures; One is Lijiang Ancient Town to Lashihai Lake. Cycling around the beautiful Lashihai Lake with the distance view of white towering peaks of Jade Dragon Snow mountain. Pay a visit to the first lamasery temple among five main Tibetan Buddhism monasteries situating in Lijiang – Zhiyun Temple.

1 Day Lijiang Cycling Tour from Lijiang Old Town to Lashihai Lake and Zhiyun Monastery
1 Day Lijiang Cycling Tour from Lijiang Old Town to Shuhe, Baisha and Yuhu Village

Shangri-La Cycling Tour

If you only spend one day visiting Shangri-la, one of the recommended routes is cycling around the Napahai Lake and visiting some Tibetan Villages to discover the Tibetan culture. During the trip of the day, Songzanlin Monastery is not to be missed.

1 Day Napahai Lake Cycling Tour with Tibetan Village and Songzanlin Monastery

Xishuangbanna Cycling Tour

In Xishuangbanna, besides hiking, there is another way to take you through rainforest, explore the tea culture and experience minority culture, that is cycling. Our 2 days cycling tour will bring you to cycle along the Mekong River and through local ethnic villages to fully appreciate the natural sceneries of tropical rainforest and diverse ethnic cultures of local people. While our 7 days cycling tour will bring you to step into ethnic villages and explore ethnic people’s life and culture; explore mysterious Tropical Forest and enchanted in the charm of nature; And visit tea plantations and have nice chats with tea growers to know more about tea.

2 Days Xishuangbanna Cycling Tour along the Mekong River
7 Days XishuangBanna Tropical Forest Cycling Tour with Ethnic Minorities and Ancient Tea Culture
7 Days XishuangBanna Cycling Tour with Ethnic Minorite Discovery and Ancient Tea Culture Experience

Border Cycling Tour

1. Yunnan-Myanmar Border Cycling Tour

This is a new but exciting cycling tour in the border cities between Yunnan and Myanmar.

Things to Do During the Tour

11 Days Western Yunnan and Myanmar Border Cycling Tou

2. China-Laos Cycling Tour

This 22-day cycling tour takes you from Kunming in China to Luang Prabang and Vientane in Laos where you’ll discover a world of dramatic rock formations melding into tropical forests, traditional farming villages and ethnic minority communities, on both sides of the border. On route, you will enjoy a great view and learn more about culture of Yunnan and Laos.

22 Days China-Laos Cycling Tour from Kunming to Luang Prabang and Vientane

Tengchong and Yingjiang Cycling Tour-18
Tengchong and Yingjiang Cycling Tour-18

More border tours include China-Vietnam Cycling Tour, China-Thiland Cycling Tour and China-Laos-Thailand Cycling Tour. Detailed itinerary, Please contact us YunnanExploration by Email: or Telephone: +86-871-63511469.

18 Days China-Vietnam Cycling Tour from Kunming to Hanoi
20 Days China-Thailand Cycling Tour from Kunming to Bangkok
35 Days China-Laos-Thailand Cycling Tour from Kunming to Bangkok

Other Cycling Tours

1. Shangri-La-Lijiang Cycling Tour

This cycling tour from Shangri-La to Lijiang will bring you to visit the main highlights of Shangri-La and Lijiang.

Thing to Do During the Tour

9 Days Shangri-La and Lijiang Cycling Tour with Tiger Leaping Gorge Trekking Adventure

2. Shangri-La-Lijiang-Dali Cycling Tour

This 14 Days Cycling Tour starts from Shangri-La to Lijiang and then to Dali. On route, you will step into ethnic villages of Tibetan, Naxi and Bai to fully appreciate the ethnic cultures and daily lives of local people. Except for visiting the highlights of Shangri-la and Lijiang, you will also visit the famous Dali Old Town, Erhai Lake, Cangshan Mountain and Shuanglang Town in Dali.

14 Days Yunnan Cycling Tour from Shangri-La to Lijiang and Dali

Note: You’d better take your cycling tour on a sunny day. Otherwise, it could be dangerous especially when cycling in mountain area. During sunny days, the ultraviolet ray in Yunnan is strong, so you should bring the sun cream, sunglasses, sunhat and other sunscreen products.

Yunnan Cycling Tours mainly introduce the popular Yunnan cycling tour packages provided by Yunnan Exploration, which are favored by the cycling enthusiasts. Yunnan Cycling Tour Packages offer an entirely different way to experience the amazing scenery and diverse culture of China. Any Yunnan cycling tour through the rural areas between urban hubs is sure to show Yunnan’s natural splendor and provide the opportunity to gain a deeper understanding of the people that live here. They span the range of easy casual biking accompanied by a support vehicle to multiple-day, physically-challenging Yunnan bike tours. For those who are avid fans of cycling and want a real challenge, Yunnan Exploration are ready to design a “Cycle Yunnan” tour, just for you! Join a scheduled tour, or gather a group and let Yunnan Exploration help you plan your own Yunnan cycling travel. Whatever option you decide, a cycling tour is sure to add extra thrill to your next vacation!

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