Kunming Yulong Bay Golf Club

Basic Information about Kunming Yulong Bay Golf Club

  • Chinese Name: 昆明玉龙湾高尔夫球场
  • English Name: Kunming Yulong Bay Golf Club
  • Location: Nanbu Puhe Cun, Lianran Zhen, Anning, Kunming

Yulong Bay Golf Club is located in Taiping new city scenic area, close to the quiet Yulong bay waterfront Forest Park, surrounded by West Hill National Forest Park Scenic Area and Anning hot spring town “the best soup in the world” scenic area, which is the best choice for you to enjoy the beautiful scenery of Kunming and hot springs. It is 25 minutes’ drive from Kunming City and 50 minutes’ drive from Changshui International Airport. In 2014, in the first year of the PGA tour of China, Kunming Yulong Bay Golf Course was selected by the organizing committee as the representative of Yunnan course, and became the venue for the PGA tour of China-Yunnan for four consecutive years. Since February 2017, it has officially become the first pure membership course in Yunnan Province. At present, it has become a famous course at home and abroad. And become a member of iccga of international city classic golf league.

Features of Kunming Yulong Bay Golf Club

Known to the Chinese as the Kunming Yulong Bay Golf Club, this beautifully maintained golf course is set against a twisting lake that somewhat resembles the shape of a dragon. Yulong means dragon in Mandarin, and designer Lee Schmidt was able to use this natural feature nicely within his design. Indeed the pick of the holes are those pressed against the lake, such as the Peninsula par three across the water at the end of the round, and the preceding strong par four that initially crosses a wet ravine before dramatically hugging the steep lakeside cliff edge.

Kunming Yulong Bay Golf Club is an international standard championship level mountain golf course designed by Mr. Lee Schmidt, the founder of the world-famous American Schmidt design company. The course features five par-3s and five par-5s, three of each on the back nine. It is surrounded by numerous peaks, green trees, red flowers and willows, green grass. The course is undulating according to the mountain and retains the natural landscape. The natural rocks, jungle and lakes are used as the natural obstacles on the fairway and the golf course landscape ornament, so that the whole golf course has a beautiful scenery. Let the golfers enjoy the life of exploring mountain golf just like the pure mountains and rivers of the Alps. At the same time, the golf course is challenging, with ups and downs of fairway, rich changes, large height drop, large slope of fairway, as well as ravines, valleys and lakes, which increase the interest and difficulty of challenge, and bring full fun and unique golf experience to golf friends.

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Facilities of Kunming Yulong Bay Golf Club

The club has all kinds of supporting facilities, including golf shop, restaurant, rest bar, VIP private room, dressing room, shower room, etc. Its design is unique, fashionable, elegant and comfortable. After careful selection and design of furnishings, lights, carpets and other embellishments, the club even in the details also flows with noble and elegant golf style, filled with unparalleled elegance and leisure, bringing you absolute dignity and absolute private ownership.

The club is equipped with 23 hitting bays of all-weather grass training course, with a maximum distance of more than 300 yards. Putting green, cutting green and sand pit are all available, bringing a real-life hitting experience. We also provide many products such as golf clothing, golf equipment, golf balls and so on.

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