Lufeng County Overview

1. Basic Information of Lufeng County

● Chinese Name: 禄丰县

● Altitude: 1,300 meters— 2,754meters

● Population:427,000

● Average Temperature: 16,2°C

2. Administrative Division of Lufeng County

By 2013, Lufeng County has jurisdiction over 11 towns, 3 townships: Jinshan Town(金山镇), Renxing Town(仁兴镇), Bichen Town(碧城镇), Qinfeng Town(青峰镇), Yipinglang Town(一平浪镇), Guangtong Town(广通镇), Heijing Town(黑井镇), Tuguan Town(土官镇), Luochuan Town(罗川镇), Heping Town(和平镇), Konglongshan Town(恐龙山镇), Zhongcun Township(中村乡), Gaofeng Township(高峰乡), and Tuo'an Township(妥安乡).

3. Geography

Lufeng County is located in the low latitudes plateau. There are many mountains, river and valley with the elevation of 1,300-2,754 meters.

4. Climate

The climate is warm and temperate in Lufeng. The winters are rainier than the summers in Lufeng. According to Köppen and Geiger, this climate is classified as Csa. The average annual temperature in Lufeng is 18.6 °C. The rainfall here averages 829 mm.

5. The Best Time to Go

With favorable weather all year round, Lufeng County is a beautiful place worth traveling, especially from March to October-the best time to visit Lufeng when blooming flowers, ripe fruits and festival activities all gather together.

6. Transportation

Lufeng has the reputation of " the throat of nine counties, the lock key of the west" reputation. Cheng-Kun Railway across the territory of 13 townships (towns) 34 village committees, the vast number of railways through the territory 8.5 km. The mileage of all kinds of highways in the county is 1321 km, with 320 national highway,

7. Culture

Due to the discovery of the world's largest dinosaur fossils and Lama ancient ape fossils, Lufeng has been hailed by the academic community as "the Hometown of Dinosaurs", "the Storehouse of Fossils", "the Birthplace of Human Beings in Asia" and "the Natural Museum of Nature".

8. Economy

By 2017, Lufeng's gross domestic product (GDP) had reached 14.18904 billion yuan with an increase of 8.8 percent over the previous year, at comparable prices. Of these, the added value of the primary industry was 3.02758 billion yuan, an increase of 6.3 percent, driving economic growth of 1.4 percentage points, and the added value of the secondary industry was 4.75827 billion yuan, an increase of 11.7 percent.

9. Tourism

Lufeng is rich in tourist resources. Lufeng enjoys natural attractions left in different periods, such as Wutai Mountain and Shilong Cremation Tombs. What's more, Lufeng is famous for cultural attractions, such as Guangtong Confucius Temple, Compound of Wu Family and Heijing Confuciu Temple.