Bamei Village Culture

Ethnic Group

In the ancient picturesque village, Zhuang is the dominant ethnic minority of Bamei, of which most villagers are indigenous Sha Brach of Zhuang. Because of the isolated and mysterious place, they carry on the most traditional culture and primitive life styles. Under the giant banyan tree, the old women in unique clothes are pushing the stone mill or dying the cloth. They also celebrate the traditional festivals and use the ancient signs and totems.

Ethnic Village

Bamei Village in Guangnan County, Wenshan (广南坝美村)

Ethnic Festivals

Sanyuesan Festival of Zhuang People (壮族三月三)

Colored Glutinous Rice (Huamifan) Festival of Zhuang Ethnic Minority (壮族花米饭节)

Chixin (Changxin) Festival of Zhuang Ethnic Minority (壮族尝新节/吃新节)