Baoshan Stone Town Administrative Divisions

1. Inner Town and Outer Town of Baoshan Stone Town:

Baoshan Stone Town is actually divided into inner town and outer town. The inner city is the core protected area above the cliff. With the increase of population, it expanded to the western hillside below and gradually formed the settlements which is called outer town.

2. Villages of Baoshan Stone Town

Baoshan Stone Town has jurisdiction over 3 Villages and 14 Groups of villagers, respectively Keling Village(克灵村, including 4 Groups), Changfeng Village(长丰村, including 4 Groups) and Baoshan Village(宝山村,including 6 Groups).

Among them, Keling Village and Changfeng Village are collectively referred to Up Baoshan(上保山) due to their high altitude, while Baoshan village is called Down Baoshan(下宝山) for its proximity to Jinsha River.

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