Baoshan Stone Town Festivals and Events

Besides the traditional festivals of Han People(Spring Festival, Qingming Festival, Dragon Boat Festival and Mid-Autumn Festival), Baoshan Stone Town still holds many ceremonies and customs of the Naxi people, such as Sanduo Festival, March Festival, Torch Festival, and the most special custom of heaven worship and ancestor worship.

1.Heaven Worship(祭天)

Heaven worship is the most ancient traditional festival and the most solemn religious feast of the Naxi people. 

2. Ancestor Worship(祭祖)

There are three times of ancestor worship, which falls on lunar February, June and July. 

3. Kaobabu Festival(拷坝补)

When new wheat ripens in April and new grain ripens in September, local people will celebrate the harvest which is called Kaobabu.

4. Wash Ox Feet Festival(洗牛脚)

When the farm work of this year is finished, local people will celebrate the harvest and meantime reward the cattle.

Besides, there are many folk song and dance which you can join when you travel Baoshan Stone Town.