Bingzhongluo Culture

1.Ethnic Groups

There are 15 ethnic groups, Dulong, Nu, Lisu and Tibetan people accounting for 99% of the total. Diverse ethnic groups live in a village together, even different ethnic minorities in a family.

2. Ethnic Culture

Because of living in canyon for a long time, Bingzhongluo enjoys the special and indigenous architecture, dinning and folk custom. Especially the major style-- Tibetan residential house, there are log houses and bamboo-stories houses, with the flagstone roof. Ethnic groups are good at dancing and singing, which contain the profound ethnic culture. They sing and dance in labor work, festival, marriage, no matter big events or daily life. In addition, the diversity of religions is another characteristic of Bingzhongluo. Tibetan Buddhism, Catholics and Christianity live here together, which can be seen the diversity of churches in one village. At last, their marriages are unique, like taking a Husband, the After-marriage Wedding.

3.Ethnic Villages

Here are the some traditional ethnic villages in Bingzhongluo.

● Jiasheng Village of Bingzhongluo Town 怒江州贡山县丙中洛镇甲生村委会甲生自然村
● Longpu Village in Nujiang  怒江龙普村 
● Nidadang Village of Bingzhongluo in Gongshan County, Nujiang 贡山县丙中洛尼大当村
● Zhongding Village in Bingzhongluo 怒江州贡山县丙中洛镇甲生村委会重丁自然村 
● Dimaluo Village in Bingzhongluo, Nujiang迪麻洛村  
● Wuli Village in Bingzhongluo 雾里村 
● Qiunatong Village of Bingzhongluo in Gongshan County, Nujiang 怒江州贡山县丙中洛镇秋那桶村

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