Daju Town Climate

Daju Town, is adjacent to Mingyin town in the east, Dandong town of Lijiang Gucheng district in the southeast, Baisha town in the south, Longpan township in the southwest and Baoshan Township in the north. Geographical coordinates: 100°08'-100°22 ' eastern longitude27°10 '- 27°26 'north latitude. Within the territory, there are full of rolling hills and ravines. This area is mainly distributed dry-hot valleys, barrage area, mid-levels land and mountainous area. The highest elevation is 5596 meters and the lowest is 1650 meters, Annual average temperature is 17℃, with the highest 33.7 ℃ and the the lowest temperature 0 ℃. Annual rainfall is between 600-900mm; frost period is around 30 days; annual accumulated heat is 5640 calorie. Three-dimensional climate is obvious, with relatively unique natural conditions and climatic conditions. There are 233,000 hectares of forest, forest coverage of 51.8 %.

Jade Dragon Snow Mountain is suitable to visit all the year around, while autumn and winter is the best time with heavy snow covered and fabulous glacier. The clear sky and wide vision will feast your eyes. April to June and September to October are the best time for hiking and exploring the Tiger Leaping Gorge. 

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