Eryuan County Overview

Basic Informations

  • Chinese Name: 洱源县
  • Location: Located in the northwest of Yunnan Province, the north of Dali City
  • Area: About  2875 square kilometers
  • Population: 275844
  • Language: Bai Language

Where to Stay

Eryuan County accommodation is convenient and comfortable. You can choose different hotels according to your requirements.

Where to Visit

There are over 20 scenic spots, such as Direguo(地热国), Cibi Lake(茈碧湖), Liyuan Village(梨园村), Fengyu Old Town(凤羽古镇), Niaodiao Mountain(鸟吊山), Xihu Lake(西湖) and Donghu Lake(东湖), Jinsuo Island(金梭岛)

Best Time to Visit

The best time for touring Dali is between March and June every year, because at that time there is the celebration for the March Street in Dali. It is also the time when the camellias are in bloom. It is warm and there is no wind or sand. Similarly, the best time for touring Eryuan County is also between March and June.

Ethnic Groups

Over 7 ethnic groups live in Eryuan County, includingBai(61%), Han(32%), Yi(3%), Hui(2%), Tibetan(1%), and Naxi(1%).

Administrative Division

There are 6 Towns and  Townships under its jurisdiction: Cibihu Town(茈碧湖镇), Dengchuan Town(邓川镇), Qiaohou Town(乔后镇), Sanying Town(三营镇), YousuoTown(右所镇), FengyuTown(凤羽镇), NiujieTownship(牛街乡), Liantie Township(炼铁乡), XishanTownship(西山乡).


A long history has endowed Eryuan County with a profound cultural heritage. There are 27 very important protected cultural heritage sites within the county, three of which are at a provincial level. Inhabitants of this land in ancient times left behind numerous legends or relics.


Eryuan County is known as hometown of hot springs in Dali. It’s said that Jianwen Emperor of the Ming Dynasty once enjoyed hot spring bath here. Most of the hot springs in Eryuan County exhibits water temperature from 70 to 90 degrees Celsius, and contain potassium, calcium, magnesium, ferrum and other minerals. Bathing and “steamed” in such springs is believed to help cure some diseases, for which Eryuan County geothermal state is regarded as “a natural therapy hospital”.

What to Buy

There are many special things that you can buy, such as  Erbao plum, Dengchuan milk.


Each place has its own special cusine in China. Carved plum and stewed plum, rushan, raw hide, pawpaw chicken are very famous in Eryuan County.


Eryuan   County

  Location of Eryuan County (pink) and Dali   Prefecture (yellow) within Yunnan province of China