Honghe County Overview

Honghe County overview is a relatively comprehensive introduction to Honghe County. In this part, you will have a general understanding of Honghe County.

Basic Information

• Full Name: Honghe County

• Chinese Name: 红河县

• Keywords: The largest Hani Rice Terrace, Baohua Samaba Rice Terrace Field

• Location: Honghe Prefecture, Yunnan Province, China

• Area: 2057 square kilometers

• Population: 341, 870

• Zip Code: 654400

Area Code: 0873

Geographical Location 

Honghe County is located in the southwest of Honghe Prefecture, the middle reaches of Honghe river. It connects Yuanyang county in the east, Lvchun county in the south, Yuanjiang county and Mojiang County in the west, and faces Shiping county across the Honghe river. It is the joint part of three prefectures and six counties. The maximum range from east to west is 81 kilometers, the widest range from south to north is 40 kilometers, it covers the total area of 2019 square kilometers. The county seat is Yisa Town. 

The terrain in Honghe County is roughly high in the middle and low in the south and north. Mountainous area covers 96%, the altitude is between 1000-2000 meters. Me Suo Lu Ma mountain(么索鲁玛山) is the highest mountain in the southeastern Honghe County, its main peak is 2745.8 meters above the sea level. Manche Ferry(曼车渡口) is the lowest point, 259 meters above the sea level.

Reasons for Starting Your Honghe County Tour

A great number of travelers are attracted by the spectacular rice terrace and diverse traditional culture of Honghe County.

1. Ethnic Culture

Honghe County is inhabited by Hani, Yi, Dai and Yao, etc, ethnic minority groups. Ethnic minority people are 94% of the total population. There are world-renowned Hani long street banquet; the first batch of intangible cultural heritage, Hani Multi-voice; the second batch national intangible cultural heritage, Yuezuo Dance; unique Hani Yiche Culture and various ethnic festivals, such as YangAna Festival of Yiche Ethnic People, Kaiyangmen Festival of Hani Ethnic Minority and so on.

2. Top Attractions

Honghe County top attractions include Samaba Rice Terrace Fields(the largest Hani Rice Terrace), Guidong Rice Terraces, Jiayin Rice Terraces, Nimei Rice Terraces, world-renowned long street banquet, Dayangjie Village, Yisa Old Town, Mabang Old Town, Dongmen Tower, Yisa Folk House,Cherry Blossoms Valley and so on.


Honghe county is tropical monsoon climate, with obvious three dimensional climate. There is a saying "one mountain with four seasons, ten miles with different weather". The annual temperature is 11.2-23.4°C because of three-dimensional climate. The rainfall varies considerably in different areas, low mountain and valley area in the north is 700-900 mm, mountainous area in the south is 1500-2000 mm. The annual average precipitation is 1340 mm.

The Best Time to Visit Honghe County

The best season to visit Honghe county is November to December and January to March. In this period, Honghe county is in clear weather, and various flowers are in blossom. It is the heaven of photographers.

Administrative Divisions

Honghe County has jurisdiction over 1 town and 12 townships, Yisa Town迤萨镇, Jiayin Township甲寅乡、Baohua Township宝华乡、Luoen Township洛恩乡、Shitouzhai Township石头寨乡、Azhahe Township阿扎河乡、Leyu Township乐育乡、Langdi Township浪堤乡、Dayangjie Township大羊街乡、 Chegu Township车古乡、Jiache Township架车乡、 Diema Township垤玛乡、Sancun Township三村乡.


In 2016, Honghe county had a total highway length of 1194.071 kilometers, including 76.18 kilometers of provincial road, 454.056 kilometers of county road, 588.771 kilometers of township road and 75.064 kilometers of village road. You have two main ways to get to Honghe county. One is long-distance bus, the other one is train. There is no railway station in Honghe County, you should transfer in Jianshui County.

Recommended Hotels in Honghe County

1. Honghe Yunti Hotel 红河云梯酒店

Address: Lianhua Road, Yisa Town, Honghe County迤萨镇莲花路

Tel: 0873-4622799

2. Jiao Hotel 吉奥酒店

Address: Paoma Road, Yisa Town迤萨镇跑马路

Tel: 0873-4622222

Local Specialty

What you can eat and shop in Honghe County includes Honghe mango, Kudzu-vine root, five-color meal, wild flavor of Hani, cured yellow cattle beef, bamboo rice and so on.