Hongta District Festivals and Events

Hongta is the culture center of Yuxi, enjoying the splendid culture and colorful festivals. Do not hesitate to enjoy local featured festivals and activities. You can experience the local custom personally.

Yuxi Rice Noodle Cultural Festival (玉溪米线文化节)

Yuxi Rice Noodle Cultural Festival in Yunnan is the traditional festival of people of all ethnic groups in Yuxi from the first day of lunar January to 22nd, March lasting for 81 days, which has set up the world record of the festival having the longest time as recognized by the World Record Association.

Eid al-Adha Festival of Hui Ethnic Minority (回族古尔邦节 )

Eid al-Adha Festival is one of the most important festival of Muslim. Eid al-Adha means sacrifice, which is the main ceremonies of pilgrimage. Festival time differs because of difference between Islam calendar and Gregorian calendar.

Torch Festival of Yi People (彝族火把节)

The Torch Festival is the grandest and most important festival of Yi people. Yi people offer sacrifice to the ancestors and nature, hold diverse performance and activities in order to pray for the favorable climate and good harvest, which represent their best wishes on life.