Huaping County Accommodation

In Huaping County, there are some clear and comfortable hotels serving your accommodation. Here we recommend some best Huaping County Hotels in Lijiang for your reference.

1.Bairuisheng Hotel(华坪百瑞盛酒店)

Add.: Yonghao Xintiandi Business District, Yingbin Road, Huaping County, Lijiang, Yunnan
Tel: 0888-6441111

2.Liyang Hotel(华坪立扬酒店)

Add.: Near the Rongjiang Exit of Lijiang-Panzhihua Expressway,  Huaping County, Lijiang, Yunnan
Tel: 0888-6473333

3.Longxiang Business Hotel(龙祥商务酒店)

Add: Yingbin Road, Huaxing Neighborhood, Huaping County, Lijiang, Yunnan
Tel: 0888-6477111

4.Guike Express Inn(华坪贵客快捷酒店)

Add: Building 15, Hebin Garden, Zhongxin Town, Huaping County, Lijiang, Yunnan
Tel: 0888-6123456

5. Xinhao Business Hotel(华坪鑫皓商务宾馆)

Add: No.69, Group 1, Liuxi Neighborhood, Zhongxin County, Lijiang, Yunnan 
Tel: 13508881760

6. Time Business Hotel(华坪时代商务宾馆)

Add: Yingbin Road, Huaxing Neighborhood, Huaping County, Lijiang, Yunnan
Tel: 0888-6473088

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