Huaping County Culture

1.Ethnic Groups

At the end of 2015, the total population of Huaping county was 173,200. Among them, the Han takes up 67% and the minorities 33%. The minorities with long history and larger population are Lisu, Yi, Miao, Dai and Hui. 

2. Ethnic Townships

● Shilongba Yi and Dai Ethnic Township(石龙坝彝族傣族乡), Huaping County, Lijiang

● Xinzhuang Lisu and Dai Ethnic Township(新庄傈僳族傣族乡), Huaping County, Lijiang

● Tongda Lisu Ethnic Township(通达傈僳族乡), Huaping County, Lijiang

● Yongxing Lisu Ethnic Township(永兴傈僳族乡), Huaping County, Lijiang

● Chuanfang Lisu and Dai Ethnic Township(船房傈僳族傣族乡), Huaping County, Lijiang

3. Ethnic Culture

The residential and dress culture of Hua Lisu(花傈僳) of Huaping is brilliant. In 2000, Tongda Lisu Ethnic Township in Huaping County was named "hometown of Chinese folk art" by the Ministry of Culture. Besides, the culture of Shuitian Yi people is also unique.

4. Ethnic Festivals

The festivals of Lisu people mainly are Spring Festival, Tomb-Sweeping Festival, Kuoshi Festival(阔时节), Hungry Ghost Festival(月半节), the festivals of King of Medicine and Mountain God. The main festivals of Shuitian Yi People are Tomb-Sweeping Day, Dragon Boat Festival, Mid-Autumn Festival and Winter Solstice Festival, Flower Arrangement Festival, Dress CompetitionFestival, etc.