Jade Dragon Snow Mountain Climate

Yulong Snow Mountain is not only majestic, and with the replacement of seasons, confront change, display marvelous scene, sometimes wrapped clouds. Even during the day, the Yulong Snow Mountain is endless variations. Yulong Snow Mountain foothills grass everywhere, but the snow on top of the hill but is obviously alpine plateau climate.The green grass at the foot of jade dragon snow mountain, but the top was covered with snow, Alpine plateau climate is obvious.

Best Time to Visit Jade Dragon Snow Mountain
From November to March in the next year is the best time to visit Jade Dragon Snow Mountain that people can see snow view. Spring and winter is the best season for seeing snow-covered landscape of Jade Dragon Snow Mountain. During that time, Jade Dragon Snow Mountain has clear weather and dry air, the snow mountain gleams white. Whether it is for visiting or shooting, Jade Dragon Snow Mountain is the most charming at this time.