Jiangchuan District Overview


Jiangchuan District (江川区) is located in Yuxi, Yunnan Province, just north of Fuxian Lake. Jiangchuan is contiguous to Hongta district in the southwest and neighbors Jinning county and Chengjiang county in the northwest. Enjoying the favorable climate and fertile land, Jiangchuan is known as the “Land of Plenty” and “Hometown of Yunnan Tobacco”. It is also the place of bronze ware. With the charming landscape and rich tourism resources, Jiangchuan is the ideal attraction of Yunnan.


2.Basic Information

Chinese Name: 江川区

English Name: Jiangchuan District

Location: central plateau of Yunnan

Seat of Government: No.34 Ninghai Road, Dajie Street

Area Coverage: 850 square kilometers

Language: Yunnan Dialect

Zip Code: 652600

Dailing Code: 0877



Jiangchuan was under the administration of the Ancient Dian Kingdom. It was a part of Yizhou in West Han Dynasty (109 B.C.), Jianning Prefecture in the Three Kingdoms and Li Prefecture in Zhenguan Period of Tang Dynasty(634). In Ming Dynasty, it was a part of Jiangchuan County, belonging to Chengjiang Office. Till Qing Dynasty, Jiangchuan was administrated by Jiangchuan County.



Jiangchuan district enjoys the the sub-tropical semi-arid plateau monsoon climate, without heat in summer and  freezing in winter. Jiangchuan district has dry and wet season.



Jiangchuan County (江川县; pinyin: Jiāngchuān Xiàn) is located in Yuxi, Yunnan Province, just north of Fuxian Lake. Lying in the central plateau of Yunnan in the northern subtropical zone with a fairly low latitude, and under the regulating effects of Fuxianhu Lake and Yangzonghai Lake, Chengjiang County enjoys a very mild climate, with spring-like weather all the year round. In the plains the annual man temperature is 15.5 Centigrade, and the annual rainfall 958 mm. The raining season falls on May through October.



 Jiangchuan, known as the“Land of Plenty” and “Hometown of Yunnan Tobacco”, is an ancient town enjoying many bronze wares of the ancient time and history sites. It also offers the charming landscape and rich tourism resources. Travelers can enjoy the leisurely life pace in the ethnic villages, experiencing their lives. Jiangchuan top attractions include Haimen Village of Jiangcheng Town, Lijiashan Bronze Museum, Anhua Yi Ethnic Town, Biyun Mountain and Haimen Park etc.


7.Administrative Division

As of 2014, Jiangchuan has jurisdiction over 1 sub-district, 4 towns and 2 townships, including  Dajie Sub-district (大街街道), Jiangcheng Town (江城镇), Qianwei Town( 前卫镇), Jiuxi Town (九溪镇), Lujv Town (路居镇), Anhua Yi Ethnic Township (安化彝族乡), Xiongguan Township (雄关乡).

8. Transportation

By the end of 2004, the total mileage of highways and roads had reached 15113 kilometers, of which 232.7 kilometers are highways and the annual transport capacity of passengers and freight reached 10.316 million and 20.568 million respectively. You can choose Train or bus to Hongta District in Yuxi. You can choose train get to Yuxi then take bus to Jiangchuan, or take bus from Kunming to Jiangchuan.


9.What to Eat in Jiangchuan District

1.Jiangchuan Stewed Dish (江川炖菜)

2.Datou Fish /Big-head Fish of Jiangchuan (江川大头鱼)

3.Yanshui Fish (盐水鱼)

4.Stewed Fish in A Copper Pot (铜锅鱼)

5.Jiuxi Glutinous Rice Cake/Ciba  (九溪糍粑)

6.Shortcake  (酥饼)


10. What to Buy in Jiangchuan District

1.Crystal Preserved Fruits (水晶蜜饯)

2.Sesame Slices(芝麻片)

3.Shortcake  (酥饼)

4.Datou Fish /Big-head Fish of Jiangchuan (江川大头鱼)