Lashihai Lake Festivals and Events

Since the Lashihai Lake Wetlands is frequented by a lot of tourists all year round, there are numerous activities which can be enjoyed here. Some locals offer boat rides or fishing trips, which is such an enjoyable experience getting closed to the lake and the villages around there. The offers come with guides. There are also several other things which can be done within the area.

1.Horse Riding

Since the vicinity around the Lashihai Lake Wetlands is also used as farmland, tourists might also enjoy the horse riding adventure. The horses are for rent for a few hours and visitors can ride them as they stroll around the scenic locations. The most popular route is the Horse Tea Trail. This is the classic path which tourists could take. The surroundings are beautifully decorated with lush trees and a whole lot of greeneries. When people take this path, they would also be able to pass by lakes and waterfalls.

During the trail, there are also local merchants who sell different souvenirs and other local products. For tourists, it is best to ask a guide to come along. That way, if they would like to purchase some of the products along the way, the guide would be able to communicate with them in Chinese. They could also help out in haggling for prices.

2.Boat Ride

Horse-riding and boating are two of the most popular activities which can be done while staying in Lashihai Lake Wetlands. The lake has calm and crystal-clear waters, so boat rides are relaxing. Tourists can avail the boats which are for rent. These small businesses are operated by locals too. For the first timers, asking for the assistance from local tour guides would be a brilliant idea. They know which part of the lake is most peaceful, making it perfect for those who simply want a tranquil experience. 


For the bird enthusiasts, spending a few days in Lashihai Lake is a great idea, especially during the months of December to February. This is the home of more than 57 types of birds. Hence, they are seen flying around the area anytime of the year. During the migratory season, the population of the birds increases. More than 30,000 birds go to this place when the winter months hit the European and Australian continent.