Lashihai Lake Dining

Lashihai is also a place full of delicious food. Try to find the local food with us! There are many agritainments where you can enjoy the local dishes.

1. Crucian(鲫鱼)

The crucian carp, is caught from the lake by local fishermen, and can be served as Crucian carp soup or roasted with special local dipping sauce. 

2. Longevity grass(寿星草)

Longevity grass, made of a kind of natural seaweed growing in Lashihai Lake, is delicious, environmentally friendly and healthy. It contains a large number of active substances, which has a good effect to adjust the function of human body.

3. Ottelia Acuminata(海菜花)

This kind of "flower" only grows in clear water. It can be appreciated as flower and also be enjoyed as a delicacy.

4. Native Chicken Hotpot(土鸡火锅)

The local chicken hot pot of Naxi style also should not to be missed. The soup is rich in flavor and meat is delicious.

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