Lianghe County Dining

The local people of Lianghe have their own traditional food and their own taste. The Dai people's diet is sour and refreshing, and the Jingpo people’ s are spicy. The cuisine and snack are the highlights of Lianghe. Local food gives you different tastes.

Green Leaves Banquet 绿叶宴

Green leaves banquet is a way that Jingpo minority treat their guests. It includes grilled fish, glutinous rice, tuynia herb, fried eggs, pancake, meant, and fish and some other vegetables, 7-9 dishes in total. Except eggs and rice are steamed, the other dishes are all grilled and packed in green plantain leaves.

Chong Dish Series 舂菜

Chong dish is mashed salad. Jingpo people put different kinds of ingredients into thick bamboo tube, and then use wooden mallet to mash them. Chong dish’s specialty and value are that it uses raw material, or they cook the material and then mash them, when mashing, they add some seasoning, like salt and fermented blank beans and pepper and so on. Almost all Jingpo families have mashing bamboo tube, and they have Chong dish in every meal.

Sapie 撒撇

It is a kind of seasoning made by Dai people in Dehong. People take liquid from certain part of intestines of a just killed cattle, boil and filtrate it, and then mix it with salt, chilli, monosodium glutamate, and beef mince. ‘Sapie’ usually goes with rice noodles, or slices of meat. ‘Sapie’ tastes a little bitter, but has a functions of stimulating appetite and reviving and relieving internal heat.

Sticky Rice Cooked in a Bamboo Tube 竹筒饭

The bamboo tube used to cook rice must be fresh, with delicate fragrance. One end of the tube is a bamboo joint. Dai people put some dunked sticky rice and some water into a tube, and stuff the other end without bamboo joint with banana leaf. The tube is then put over a slow fire and baked till the rice is ready.

Burned Porket  火烧猪

Burned porket is one of the best dishes for entertaining guests among Dai people. Dai people would choose small-eared pigs produced in Dehong. Those porkets of half a year are thin-skin and tender, and are the best choice. After the baking, the porkets smell good and you can slice them up, and serve them with seasonings of Dai ethnic minority.

Banggai Wine 帮盖酒

With the long history of wine-making, the farmers in Banggai Village carry on the tradition. Combined with the actual production and local climatic conditions, the high-quality wine is confirmed by the State Alcohol Industry.

Lianghe Small Colorful Fish梁河小花鱼

This is the local delicacy. There's a saying said that: Lianghe county, white rice, colorful fish soup. It is famous dish.

Pea Meal 豌豆粉

Pea Meal can be seen almost everywhere in Yunnan, but in Lianghe it has its own character. It is sour and spicy but very decilious here.


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