Lianghe County Shopping

Enjoying the gifts of nature, Lianghe provides diverse specialties. With the integration of local resource and superb craftsmanship, you can buy diverse specialties in Lianghe County.

Banggai Wine (帮盖酒)

With the long history of wine-making, the farmers in Banggai Village carry on the tradition. Combined with the actual production and local climatic conditions, the high-quality wine is confirmed by the State Alcohol Industry.

Huilong Tea of Lianghe (梁河回龙茶)

Huilong Tea, is veritable Zhuyeqing, featured by strong and close-knit, dark green color, clear soup etc. It is a veritable "bamboo leaf green". The tea garden and production workshop are located at an altitude of 1300-1500 meters. Without industrial pollution, it is a natural base for planting pollution-free tea.

Lianghe Small Colorful Fish(梁河小花鱼)

This is the local delicacy. There's a saying said that: Lianghe county, white rice, colorful fish soup. It is famous dish.

Pea Meal(豌豆粉)

Pea Meal can be seen almost everywhere in Yunnan, but in Lianghe it has its own character. It is sour and spicy but very delicous here.

There is no grant shopping mall in Lianghe, but the unique local shops . They are better places to find the local specialties.

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