Lianghe County Transportation

No plane and airport in Lianghe County. But you can fly to Tengchong or Mangshi and then take a bus to Lianghe.
Hope the information can help you make a better travel plan.


How to Get In

  1. Long-distance from Kunming Western Passenger Station to Lianghe County
  1. Plane+Bus

      A.At first, plane from Kunming to Tengchong

         Then, bus from Tengchong to Lianghe

    B.At first, plane from Kunming to Mangshi

     Then, bus from Mangshi to Lianghe

China~Laos railway is from Dali to Ruili is under the construction now, tourist can take the train to Ruili or Mangshi then change the bus to Lianghe County.

How to Get Around

  1. Bus: there are many buses to other counties and attractions in Lianghe County.
  2. Taxi: the drivers of taxi are kind local people. They will show their warm welcome to passengers.
  3. Cycling: it is a good idea to travel around the small county by bike.