Ludian County Overview

Basis information

Chineses name: 鲁甸

Location: In the northeast of Yunnan and northwest of Zhaotong

Language: Southwestern Mandarin - Yunnan Dialect

Population:435 thousand

Nationalities: Han, Yi, Miao, Hui

Area: 1487 square kilometers

Zip code: 657100

Area code: 0870


Geographical Location

Ludian County (鲁甸县) is a county under the jurisdiction of Zhaotong City, Yunnan Province, located in the northeast of Yunnan Province, south of Zhaotong City, north shore of Niulan river and northwest of Weining county of Guizhou province. Ludian county stretches 50 kilometers from west to east, 60 kilometers from south to north, the total area is 1519 square kilometers, of which 87.9 percent of the total area of the mountains, dam area accounted for 12.1 percent. In 2012, the total population is 435 thousand .


 Zhuti Silver and  Ludian Cherry, which are the two key words of Ludian: one hard and one soft, one white and one red, one dust in history, one coming from the fresh season, matching each other and complementing each other. There are many scenic spots and entertainments, and the food is also quite delicious.


Ludian gets its name from the Ludian Mountain, and it is a kind of Yi language which means a plain. In ancient time, there was a Zhuti Mountain which produced the silver and Ludian became famous. As the earlier time, it belonged to Zhuti County, and then it belonged to Wumeng. In Ming dynasty, it belonged to Sichuan, and finally in 1950, it belonged to Zhaotong.

Administrative Division

There are 10 towns and 2 ethnic towns.

Wenping Town(文屏镇), Taoyuan Hui Ethnic Town(桃源回族乡), Ciyuan Hui Ethnic Town(茨院回族乡), Jiangdi Town(江底镇), Huodehong Town(火德红镇), Xiaozhai Town(小寨镇), Longtoushan Town(龙头山镇), Lehong Town(乐红镇)Longshu Town(龙树镇), Xinjie Town(新街镇), Shuimo Town(水磨镇), Suoshan Town(梭山镇).

Ethnic Groups

Qiaojia county has 25 ethnic groups with the population of 28 thousand, and these minority people scatters in 6 minority village, Qiaojia county is a typical area where minority people lives.


The highest elevation is 1917 meters and the lowest is 568 meters. Ludian county belongs to low latitude hilly monsoon climate, the temperature between seasons not much distinct. No stern cold in winter nor hot in summer. The annual average precipitation is 923.5 mm and the annual average temperature is 12.1℃.

Best Time to Visit

March and May are the best seasons to visit Ludian. In March, you can enjoy the wonderful flowers. In May, you can pitch the cherry, enjoy the beautiful sceneries, have a taste of Jiaolin Chicken, and take an experience of Islamic culture.


Ludian county has a convenient transportation system. Long-distance bus is the main way for local people who want to travel afar, there are alos taxi, buses and minibus. By the way, Ludian is only 28km away from Zhaotong city, it is quite convenient to go to the capital city.


Ludian county is rich in snacks and local dishes. Lies in the northeast part of Yunnan province, the eating pattern of Ludian people is deeply influenced by Sichuan cuisine, however, in the long process of developing and communicating, Ludian people has formed their own eating habits and local cuisine.

Top Attractions

There are some Ludian county attactions for you to visit, such as Wenping Mosque, Sun Lake, Chongwen Pavilion, Shushi Old Town, Xuantian Gate, Tuogu Mosque, Islamic Town and Longtoushan Mosque, Machang Neolithic Site, Yeshi Village Neolithic Site, The Relics of Yeshishan Mountain.