Lufeng County Shopping

Lufeng County is rich in natural resource and land resources, so it has nurtured many unique specialty products. We will tell you detailed information about Lufeng local products.

What to Buy in Lufeng County?

1. Lufeng Aromatic Vinegar (禄丰香醋)

During the apocalyptic period of the Ming Dynasty, Lufeng was able to produce silk vinegar of good quality and easy to carry. It entered the palace court and was listed as a good meal. During the reign of Kangxi in the Qing Dynasty, Lufeng Aromatic Vinegar was listed as a famous and excellent product.

2. Lufeng Scissors (禄丰剪刀)

Lufeng Scissors are famous daily hardware products in Yunnan Province, produced in Lufeng County, Chuxiong Yi Autonomous Prefecture, with a history of more than 100 years.

3. Heijing Salt (黑井盐)

Yunnan has been one of the two major well salt producing areas in China since ancient times. Hejing Salt and Langjing Salt of Lufeng were mined in Han Dynasty and Dali period respectively and entered the list of nine ancient salt wells in Yunnan.

4. Yizun Liquor (彝樽酒)

Yizun Liquor is the product of Tuo'an Longtan Liquor Factory in Lufeng County. This wine is carefully brewed by the traditional folk craft of the Yi people and is a kind of exccellent liquor.

5. Lufeng Rice Vermicelli (禄丰米粉)

Lufeng Rice Vermicelli is made from white and delicate rice,cast walnut sauce,sprinkle with vegetable slice and chili oil.The whole vermincelli wrapped into a roll.Fine texture,sweet and sour.About 5 Yuan per roll.

6. Lufeng Dinosaur Toys (陆丰恐龙玩具)

It is very normal in Lufeng County, Lufeng has been dubbed as “Hometown of Dinosaurs”,so the toys can be seen everywhere,if you like, don’t forget to buy some local specialty as keepsakes or to your relatives or friends.

7. Yi Ethnic Paper-cuts (彝族剪纸)

The intelligent Yi ethnic ladies also give full play to their inspirations by making a variety of paper-cut artworks mainly used for decorating their costumes, bedrooms, waiting rooms, and most of the time for religious ceremonies. Patterns included are mainly plants, wild lives, and holy things in the Yi ethnic religion.

Where to Buy in Lufeng County?

There are lots of shopping malls, specialty markets and stores in Lufeng. We select some shops with good quality and reasonable price for tourists.

1. Xinghuanyu Local Specialty (兴寰土特产专卖店)
    Address: In the junction of Jinyuan Street and Shiji Dajie Street
    Telephone: 18087874305

2. Bajie Street Specialty (八街特产)
    Telephone: In the junction of Jinshui Road and Huimin Road

3. Lufeng People's Shopping Mall (禄丰人民商场)
    Address: In the junction of Longchen Road and Xinxi Dajie Street
    Telephone: 0878-4131039

4. Lucheng Mansion Lufeng Shopping Mall (鹿城大厦禄丰商场)
    Address: In the junction of Longchen Road and Shijie Dajie Street
    Telephone: 0878-4142049

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