Menghai County Festivals and Events

The ethnic minorities such as Dai, Hani, Lahu and Bulang minorities in Menghai county have a long history and splendid culture with strong ethnic customs. The main Menghai County Festivals include Dai people's Water Splashing Festival, Hani's Gatangpa Festival, Lahu's Kuota Festival, Bulang's New Year, etc.

1.The Water Splashing Festival(Dai Ethnic Minority)

In Menghai County, the Water Sprinkle Festival, is an important festivity. This is the day when the Dai-minority celebrate New Year. It is the Dai people's ritual of bestowing blessings on others. The more water is splashed, the greater the blessings and happiness for the one getting wet. It takes place somewhere between April 12 and (according Gregorian calendar from April 13 in Xishungbanna in 2017). 

2. “Gatangpa” Festival of Hani Ethnic Minority

“Gatangpa” Festival is held during lunar January 1st to January 4th.  It’s a festival of Hani who commemorate the festival by making tsampas, holding memorial ceremony for God and preparing a feast. The youth of Dai make an appointment to pick wild fruits and flowers, and All people will whip the spinning tops. 

3. Lahu Kuota Festival 

The Spring Festival of Lahu is called the Kuota Festival, Kuozuo Festival or Kuoni Hani Festival in the Lahu language. According to the custom, there are the Big Spring Festival and the Small Spring Festival. It starts from January 1 of lunar calendar every year, and generally lasts 4 to 5 days.

4. The Spring Festival of Lahu Ethnic Minority

Lahu Festival is obviously a significant day for Lahu people. The time of the festival is the same as Sping Festival. The period from January 1st to January 3rd is “women” day. During the time, men will take over the chores including Entertaining Guests. The period from January 14th  to January 16th is a big day for men of Lahu. Men may go hunting and drink wine. The main activity is to dance Lusheng.

5. Menghai Tea King Carnival

The “Tea Competition” is a traditional activity at the tea carnival. Many teas will take part in this activity to contend for the "King of the Tea in Menghai County". In addition, there are also performance displaying traditional tea ceremony and folk tea art.