Mengzi Culture

Mengzi is dominated by Han nationality and ethnic minorities making up 55.09% of the whole population. The minorities have formed the unique ethnic customs of Mengzi. This part will introduce Mengzi ethnic culture.

1. Ethnic Groups

There are Han, Yi, Miao, Zhuang, Hani, Hui and other minority groups in Mengzi. Among them, minorities are 55.09% of the total population, Yi, Miao and Zhuang are main ethnic minority groups.

2. Ethnic Towns

Qilubai Miao Ethnic Town期路白苗族乡 and Laozhai Miao Ethnic Town老寨苗族乡.

3. Traditional Ethnic Villages

Baimengkong Village白猛孔村 of Qilubai Miao Ethnic Town in Mengzi City, Honghe

Mingjiu Village鸣鹫村 of Mingjiu Miao Town in Mengzi City, Honghe

Laozhai Village老寨村 of Laozhai Miao Ethnic Town in Mengzi City, Honghe

XinAnsuo Village新安所村 of XinAnsuo Town in Mengzi City, Honghe

Bisezhai Village碧色寨 of Caoba Town in Mengzi City, Honghe

4. Ethnic Festivals

In this city, you do have some notable events and festivals you should be aware of. Festivals include Huashan Festival of Miao people, Torch Festival of Yi people, Dragon Boat Festival of Mengzi, etc, and events include Huadeng Dance花灯舞, Sanbuxian Dance三步弦舞, Bullfighting Activity, Crossing-the-Bridge Rice Noodle Festival, etc.