Mengzi Dining

There are some local specialties you must taste when you are traveling in Mengzi. In this part, we will introduce some local specialties and where you can get them in Mengzi. Mengzi is the hometown of crossing the bridge rice noodle, do not miss eating a bowl of the authentic rice noodle when you are in Mengzi.

What to Eat in Mengzi

1. Crossing the Bridge Rice Noodle过桥米线

Crossing the bridge rice noodle is the top quality among rice noodles, deeply loved by people because of unique flavor and rich nutrition. It is the most local flavor snack in Yunnan food. Mengzi is the hometown of crossing the bridge rice noodle. It is mainly made with soup, meat slices, rice noodle and various seasonings.

2. Local Eight Bowls土八碗

Eight bowls include cooling chicken凉拌鸡, braised chicken扣鸡, braised meat扣肉, endive sprout蹄花青笋, fried meat生爆油炸肉, egg roll扣蛋卷, steamed pork with rice flour粉蒸肉 and fried noodles三丝炒面. In every bowl, besides covered meat, there are various vegetables at the bottom of bowl. Eight meat dishes with eight kinds of vegetables, it can be said that local eight bowls are healthy food serving with suitable meat and vegetable.

3. Roasting Tofu烤豆腐

Another special snack in Mengzi is roasting tofu. It is the flavor snack of folk south Yunnan. Tofu is made from soya bean. After fermenting, tofu becomes stinky, but tastes very good. In some restaurants, guests can have a free taste when waiting.

4. Mengzi Rice Cake蒙自年糕

Mengzi rice cake has a fine quality and sweet taste. It has a history of more than 300 years. In the past, it was a must for local wedding parties and festivals.

5. Steamed Meat蒙自蒸肉饭

Stroll in Mengzi, there are many restaurants named "Xinan Steamed Meat Rice新安蒸肉饭". Many small restaurants do business with such specialty, but business is booming. Now, steamed meat rice added fried meat and sausages.

Where to Eat in Mengzi

1. Qiaoxiangyuan Crossing the Bridge Rice Noddle桥香园过桥米线

Address: Inside Tongde Square, Yinhe Road, Wenlan Town, Mengzi蒙自市银河路同德广场内

Tel: 0873-3724776

2. Juhua Crossing the Bridge Rice Noddle of Wang Family王记菊花过桥米线

Address: No.45, Yinhe Road, Mengzi City蒙自市银河路45号

Tel: 0873-3726398

3. Hani Restaurant哈尼人家

Address: Nanhu South Road, Wenlan Town, Mengzi 蒙自市文澜镇南湖南路

Tel: 0873-3650519

4. Dajing Rice Cake Wholesale大井年糕批发

Address: No.41, Lianda Road, Wenlan Town, Mengzi蒙自市联大路41号

Tel: 0873-3643119

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