Nanhua County Festivals and Events

Nanhua County is a typical multi-ethnic united county. Various ethnic minorities have created colorful festivals in Nanhua County. Besides, there are many activities and entertainments in Nanhua County. We provide you with a brief view of them.


1. Lantern Festival (Bai Ethnic Minority)

On the eighth day of the first month of each year, people dress themselves with festival clothes, gathered from all directions to to watch the local Bai people singing traditional ancient lantern operas.

2. Liuyueliu (June 6th) Festival (Yi Ethnic Minority)

July 18th,2018 (June 6th, Chinese calendar), Liuyueliu (June 6th) Festival 's Jiangpo Town’s annual national traditional festival. Jiangpo Town Party Committee and the Government take the opportunity of prospering rural culture and enlivening the rural cultural market to actively organize amateur art and art teams and left-foot dance performance teams to participate in the town's literary and artistic performances.

3. Wild Mushroom Gourmet Festival

August 8th-10th, Nanhua County held the 13 th Wild Mushroom Food Culture Festival. During the festival, activities such as the wild bacteria gourmet contest, the king of bacteria selection competition, the opening ceremony and welcome party, the wild bacteria conference, the promotion and project signing ceremony of investment projects, the demonstration of the wild bacteria enterprise image and the mass culture are organized and carried out.

4. Torch Festival

Torch Festival of Wuding County falls on the 24th of the sixth lunar mouth. Several days before the festival, women and children will dye their their nails with balsam red to commemorate Madame Bojie, who searched for his dead husband in fie when Pi Luoge burnt Songming Tower during Nanzhao era and her fingers were covered with blood.

5. Matsutake Picking and Kaishan Festival

Wujie Street Kaishan Festival has rich content. First of all, villagers should sacrifice to the sky, where the gods live, governing everything will be well in the world; Second, they would sacrifice to the earth. Whatis more, the worship of ancient tree gods is also neccessary.

Entartainment of Nanhua County:

 After a day of journey, We find some leisure and entertainment for tourst to relieve you for a day's exhaustion.

1. Tea House

Tea houses can be seen everywhere, local people will enjoy their time in these tea houses. we pick up some for tourists.

2. KTV

If  tourists want to sing songs, there are some karaoke with good environment and service, such as Windsor KTV, Top One KTV.

3. Massage

Massage is a good way to comfort tired bodies, so we search some good massage houses for tourists, such as Chengying Massage(成英按摩店), Miao Ethnic Minority Massage(老苗医养生堂).

4. Bar

Chic bars are another place to relax at night, we also search some romantic bars with cheap price, such as Laojie Bar(老街酒吧), Babi Bar(芭比).