Nanhua County Shopping

Shopping in Nanhua County is a must-do thing for tourists to this town. The handicrafts of various cultures and religions attract visitors from all over the world to buy them.

What to Buy?

The Clothes of Yi Ethnic Group 

Mainly six types of clothes are scattered in six different regions of Yi ethnic minority. However, women usually wear clothes with beautiful flowers embroidered on them and, long trousers with exquisite lace or skirts with numerous pleats. Men like to wear black narrow sleeved clothes, and loose pants. 

The Clothes of Bai People

The Bai people, as their name would suggest, favor white clothes and decorations. Women generally wear white dresses, sleeveless jackets of red, blue or black color, embroidered belts, loose trousers, embroidered shoes of white cloth, and jewelry made of gold or silver. The men wear white jackets, black-collared coats, and dark loose shorts. 

Chuxiong Vermicelli

Every county is abundant in producing vermicelli. Chuxiong Vermicelli has more than one-hundred-year producing history, and has been well known since early years of the foundation of People's Republic of China.

Yunnan Truffles

Yunnan Truffles are found in the forested foothills in the northern parts of the province, and although they are harvested by "farmers", most of whom are from ethnic minority groups, they grow wild, and are not farmed. 

Where to Buy?

There are lots of shopping districts, streets, malls and stores in Nanhua County. We select some shops with good quality and reasonable price for tourists.

1.  Jiapin Local Specialty Market (佳品土特产 ) 
    Address: In Nanping Road of Longchuan Town

2. Qingzhixin Green Specialty Market (清之心绿色特产店)
     Address: In Longhu Housing Estate of Longchuan Town
     Telephone: 0878-7331247

3. Shuixing Commercial Center (水星商业中心)
     Address: In the junction of Nanjie Street and Dongjie Street    

4. Miyilu Folk Custom (咪依噜风情街)
Address: In Ruite Dadao Road of Nanhua County

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