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Qujing Festivals and Activities are very colorful and Qujing is the best place to take a festival tour. Festivals and Activities give a brief introduction of festivals and activities in Qujing, and tell travelers what to do when come to Qujing. Tourists who come to Qujing are not only can experience the beauty of this area, they also can enjoy all kinds of festivals and activities here. It is home to many ethnic groups such as Yi, Hui, Miao, Zhuang, Buyi and Shui, and it also forms the unique folk festivals.

Qujing Festivals

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Popular Activities in Qujing

Luoping International Canola Flowers Culture Festival

Every year on the second day of the lunar calendar, the young people of Buyi, Shui and Zhuang, near the Jiulong River, gather in this place to sing the songs, and there are some dances such as the unique style of weapon dance, lion dance, stilt dance and wild Miao dance.

Xuanwei Ham Gourmet Culture Festival

Ham culinary culture and Tourism Festival set up a platform to know about Xuanwei and taste Xuanwei delicious food.

Sand Sculpture Festival

Every August, the colored sand forest scenic spot will hold the China Luliang Global International Colorful Sand Sculpture Festival. Friends who like to create and engrave can come to Luliang County to play at this time, and can participate in personal creation, which must have different feeling.

Wrestling Festival

From February 26th to February 28th, the three-day national wrestling festival was held in the village of Maqin Township, Malong District. In addition to the large-scale bonfire party, "Wrestling Festival" will also have paintings, photography, talent shows, parent-child interaction, fishing, wrestling, and folk songs.

Regional Festivals and Activities in Qujing