Ruili Shopping

Ruili is permeated with the border customs. There are tree fossil jade, invaluable emerald and exotic specialties. Jewellery, ethnic products and exotic treasures are always appreciated. Before starting, travelers should consult a friend who knows jewelry and jade well, or buy it in a large shopping mall or counter.

Emeralds 翡翠

Ruili, take its location advantage for adjacent Burma, is one of the most important trade center of emeralds in China. Large quantity of top-qualitied emeralds has enticed many tourists or buyer from Beijing, Shanghai or Hongkong. Ruili also gained the praise as “Emeralds of Yunnan, Emeralds from Ruili”.




Ruili once acted as transfer station for the transaction of valuable timers. In 2008, the mahogany suddenly gained its popularity. The export volume soared dramatically. Ever since that, the businessmen gathered in Ruili and expanded the mahogany into a completed industrial chain. By now, Ruili has become the most competitive trade center of mahogany in western China.



Tree Fossil Jade树化玉

Tree fossil jade is one of the most precious articles in geography field. Burma is the country where you can even pick up the tree fossil jade in the street. Ruili enjoys the natural location advantage, so it is also well-known for its tree fossil jade business.