Shidian County Transportation

The main means of transportation in Shidian county is the long-distance bus. You can also take the flight to Baoshan or Tengchong and then take the bus to Shidian. Below are the details of Shidian Transportation.

How to Get to Shidian?

By Air

Tourist can take the airport to Baoshan, Tengchong or Mangshi, and then take the long-distance bus to Shidian. It’s only 1 hour’s drive from Baoshan Airport and 2 hours’ drive from Tengchong and Mangshi.

By Long-distance Bus

Long-distance bus is the main means of transportation in Shidian county. Tourists can take bus to Shidian from Kunming, Tengchong, Ruili, Baoshan, etc.

Bus information:


Departure Station

Departure Time


West Passenger Station(西部客运站)

10:10, 12:00, 20:30, 22:00


Tengchong Tourist Terminal(腾冲旅游客运站)



Ruili Passenger Station(瑞丽客运站)

05:40, 06:00, 08:20,


Baoshan Passenger Station(保山客运站)

every 20 minutes from 06:40 to 20:00

Ticket Booking:

Tel: +86-871-63511469


By Train

Dali- Ruili railway with stop in Baoshan is an important part of the west route of the "Trans-Asian Railway Network", which is under construction.

How to Get Around Shidian

By Bus

Public bus is the main ways of getting around in Shidian County. In 2017, Shidian County opens the service of public bus with fare CNY 2.00. Prepare the changse in advance.

By Taxi

Taxi is a good way of traveling around conveniently. People who want to get to their destination as quickly as possible, taxis are wise choice.