Shiping County Climate

Shiping County is located on the low-latitude plateau area with typical monsoon climate and distinct three-dimensional climate. Shiping climate belongs to subtropical plateau and mountain monsoon climate. The county has superior natural conditions and abundant resources. Due to sufficient sunshine and rainfall, it has the advantage of developing tropical and subtropical crops.

1. Temperature and Precipitation

Its annual average temperature is 18.3℃, and annual rainfall is 786-1116 mm. Annual sunshine duration is 2176 hours and annual average relative humidity is 75%. According to the recording of data, years of annual average temperature are 18 ℃, average temperature of the coldest month(January) is 11.6 ℃, the hottest month(June) monthly average temperature is 22.2 ℃. Extreme maximum temperature appeared on August 10th, 1960, 34.5℃, extreme minimum temperature is on January 2nd, 1974, 2.4℃. Frost free period is 317 days, the first frost date is around December 14, and the last frost date is around January 30. The average annual precipitation is 961.5 mm and the average annual rainfall duration is 134 days. Occasional snowfall, with a maximum annual snowfall of 32.5 mm. Annual average sunshine duration is 2308.4 hours. Annual relative humidity is 75%. Southeast wind is in the majority, average wind speed of 1.9 meters per second.

2. The Best Time to Shiping County

Without severe cold in winter and burning hot in summer, Shiping county has a warm and comfortable climate all year round. So four seasons are good for traveling. But in the most places of Honghe Prefecture, the best time to visit is March to April and September to December. At that time, the weather is clear and warm.

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